On The Move!

People told me that building a house would be one of the most stressful things I will ever do, and I hope they are right. It is a lot of work, and in particular, the last month has been crazy!
Finally, after almost ten months of building and rennovating, my house is ready, and I will be moving in later today. All the hard work, time and energy was worth it, because I love the house!

Working with builders, plumbers, electricians, and all the people involved in putting a house together isn’t easy. The plan on paper and in your head often turns out a little bit different in reality. Things go wrong and mistakes are made, which can result in things being much more expensive than they should. I had the advantage of rennovating an existing house, so I was able to see the progress and the changes more clearly. This is an ideal situation for a blind person who is building, because at least you don’t have to imagine what plans will be like from a non-existing building.Thankfully the end result is a house that I am delighted with, and am really looking forward to showing relations and friends during my week off.

I spent the weekend sorting out clothes, cds and junk. I found things in my room that I completely forgot I owned! It will take a few weeks to actually move everything, but the necessities will do for now. I have started packing boxes and a friend helped to bring some down on Monday evening. Last night my mum, her friend and two of my aunts helped us to clean the house. It was so dusty after the builders had finished. By the time I get home from work today, my bedroom furniture and carpet should be in. OJ and I will have our last official dinner in my house (of course there’ll be lots more as we will be visiting often!) Then we’ll bring down some more things and I will spend my first night there. I’m so excited! The house isn’t completely finished yet. There are no tables or chairs at all, and nothing in the spare rooms. As long as I have a bed, water and electricity I’ll be fine.

I know that I am extremely lucky to own my own house already. It is something I have always wanted to do. It wouldn’t be possible without my family, particularly my parents who have been more helpful than I could ever have imagined. Moving house also wouldn’t be an option if I didn’t have a guide dog. I lived away from home for three years when I studied at college, but I didn’t have the independence, security and fredom that OJ gives me.I know the road crossing outside my house is busy and dangerous, and I will have problems getting around for a while, but the National Council for the Blind and Irish guide dogs are working to improve this. I know that it will eventually be sorted out and OJ will find his way around safely and confidently. Apart from that, he will be a good companion, and I don’t mind living alone at all if I have a dog for company.

I will be internetless until next Wednesday when I get my phone line put in. This time next week I’ll post my first week update.


5 thoughts on “On The Move!

  1. Jen, what fantastic news!!The very best of luck to you and OJ in your new house!!We can't wait to hear your update next week. In the meantime enjoy every second of your new home!The very best of luck from all of us,Fiona and family

  2. Here's to many happy years in your new house and hope the move goes wellI remember moving into my flat nearly 4 years ago now! i had nothing, so have had to buy nearly everything, i dont have a whole house but the four rooms were expensive enough. I've enjoyed making the place my own i still wouldnt say its finished it's like a never ending project but im proud of my flat and i love living on my own, having my own independance and Uma for company of course.

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