O J Rocks!

O J did possibly one of his best day’s work for me yesterday, something that only took him four years to achieve, but something that makes me think he’s cool.
He came to his first ever Frames related gig with me, Glen Hansard’s gig at
An Grianan Theatre
in Letterkenny. I think it goes without saying that Glen is my favourite singer/songwriter, so being able to bring O J along with me, without him freaking out because the gig was too loud was great! The theatre is my favourite venue to see Glen play solo. Not only because he always seems to enjoy being there, but because the theatre itself is well run, the sound is excellent and the staff are really helpful.

I went straight to the theatre after a busy day in work, to have a chat with Mark Geary for my radio show, (due to techy problems the interview won’t be broadcast until next Sunday 23rd.) Mark played with Glen during his first solo gig in Letterkenny in January 2003, so it was nice to have them both playing there again after eight and a half years. I was nervous for about two minutes, when I realised I was being rediculous. Mark is always friendly and easy to talk to, and I really appreciate the time he took to come and chat. Of course OJ insisted on being petted too, and got his own way as usual! šŸ™‚
During our chat I could hear Glen soundchecking upstairs, and started to wonder if bringing O J was going to be a bad idea!

The gig itself was very intense, almost three hours long with a set list of about thirty songs. Glen’s voice sounds even more mature, and a late night the night before didn’t stop him choosing to sing some of the more difficult songs, with help from the audience when he couldn’t hit some of the high notes. It will be interesting to hear how the new material sounds when it is recorded, as there are clearly many new things influencing his music at the moment. I know some people view Glen as a performer who doesn’t change much – he knows how to connect with an audience and keep their attention so songs can often sound the same, but for me, there is always something different and something new every time I see him pplay, and that must be the thing that keeps me going to gigs over and over again, and coming out almost three hours later wondering when the next one will be.

O J was brilliant, and lay under the seat quietly most of the time, apart from getting up for a couple of stretches towards the end. At one point, just as Glen and Mark were getting ready to play together and the theatre was completely silent, O J did the hugest dog shake ever! The audience began laughing and Glen said, “that wasn’t me!” Luckily it was dark and only my cousin could see how embarrassed I was. I don’t know if he knew the dog was there or if he just thought something very strange was going on in the audience, but either way it was funny!

Set List (not in the correct order):

Lay Me Down
Song for Someone
Seven Day Mile
Low Rising (sexual healing snippet)
Pennies in the Fountain
Stars are Underground
Say it to Me Now
What Happens When The Heart Just Stops
Plateau (Jane Says)
Perfect Opening Line
The Parting Glass
Falling Slowly
It’s Coming (new)
Come Away (new song written for Hunger Games)
Moving On (new)
Crash in the Levee (down in the Flood) (Dylan cover)
Thereā€™s a Ghost (new song)
Song of Good Hope (new)
When Your Mind’s Made Up
Hairshirt, (R.E.M cover)
It Beats Me (with Mark),
Hold Tight (with Mark)
Forever Young (Dylan cover) with Mark, Fiacra & Keith McNamara)
I Will (Dean Martin cover) (lead vocals by Fiacra) ā€“ to a half empty theatre


8 thoughts on “O J Rocks!

  1. I'm glad you had a good time.God i'm sure you were really embarrassed lol. Ushi sometimes sighs lol. Usually when i'm talking to someone she'll let out a huge sigh!Our fundraising branch is having a concert at the end of Feb for guide dogs. I would love to take Ushi but don't know if she'd enjoy it.Xxx.

  2. Jes, I have to say that where music is concerned Jen can easily sell stuff to you such as bands or different types of music. I did attempt this comment earlier but mustn't have submitted it properly. Amazed at how you always remember the set lists of gigs like that. I am always scratching my head forgetting one track or other. Lay Me Down is a nice catchy track. The Parting Glass is one of my faves and I like to sing it myself. Its funny cause it also influenced Dylan also and I think he heard it from the Clancy Brothers many years ago in New York when they sang there and I believe became good friends with him. Anyway, I look forward to more of these posts cause I love when you talk about stuff like this or write about it here as your interest and pashion for it clearly shows. Keep rockin O J.

  3. Jes and Nicky, I sometimes think I won't write about a gig i've attended because people won't be interested or because I've written about a particular band/artist (definitely in this case ) too many times. Then I do because its a reminder for me, and if people don't like reading they don't have too. Great though if it gets other people listening.Torie if Ushi doesn't mind people cheering, and there aren't loud drums involved then she should be fine. It would be nice to take her since its guide dogs related. They might even have somewhere you could leave her if it gets too loud. I know with OJ, I sometimes worry about how he will react to certain things, and later find out that I was worrying about nothing at all and he was fine.

  4. Exactly, people shouldn't read if they are not interested and its your blog so you write what ya want. But seriously, anyone who appreciates music must be open to experiencing different types of stuff. I use to think that a lot myself not even wanting to tell people some of the stuff I listened to because of how they might judge me for it but as you have said to me before, if we were all the same it would be a boring world wouldn't it? Torie, I also agree with Jen here. The thing is to always try and introduce the dog to different things. Have a back-up plan so that if she doesn't like the music you can have her taken away and looked after or something. Sometimes we spend more time worrying about the what ifs where the dogs are concerned than just getting on with it and being pleasantly surprised by their tolerence. I took Ralph to see the Lion King in London a few years back and he was a bit nervous at the start but I ignored him and he just relaxed and enjoyed himself and got great attention from the theatre staff which made the whole experience much more enjoyable for him.

  5. I always think that people find my blog boring since it's all guide dog related but then again who cares if no one likes that sort of thing-they can always skip.I think with the dogs if we're calm they will be too. Last year i was really worried about the fireworks, but ushi just went to bed! That doesn't mean though that i would take her to a fireworks display but i know that she would probably be alright if i left her at home with the radio on if i ever wanted to go to a display.There is a guide dog owner who goes to alot of the concerts as she knows the guy who organises them and i think she takes her dog and he is grand. I can't imagine a country and western concert causing her too much problems.Take care, xxx.

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