O.J’s results

Sorry for the lack of updates on OJ. I intended posting more often when he was sick but honestly there was nothing to write about. He recovered well, everything was straightforward and he was his usual happy self all the time.
The drain that removed the fluid came out last monday, OJ finished anti-biotics last Thursday, and didn’t need any more. His stitches came out yesterday morning (there was only one because he must have taken the rest out himself with all his mad running around!) The vet rang this morning with his results:

O. J had a lipoma, which is a fatty tumor, which thankfully in his case was benign. This is a huge relief! The vet said that it will just heal itself now and he shouldn’t have any future problems.

I brought O J back to work today, just on his lead because I don’t want to put his harness on for another few days. He had to guide me on to the road to avoid some cars that were parked on the footpath, but he did a great job of getting me to work safely.

I hope to get OJ’s toenails trimmed in the next few days, and have him back working soon. I would also like him to gain another kilogramme in weight but I’m sure this will happen soon enough. I forgot to mention he had his teeth cleaned while he was having his operation. This is something I wanted done but didn’t want to do unless he was under anisthetic for another reason. Now his breath smells better, his teeth look whiter and his coat is in great condition, even though he didn’t get groomed for almost two weeks! I think he will make a full recovery soon.


11 thoughts on “O.J’s results

  1. Thanks everyone, and yeah its good news for a change!Torie we weren't taught to brush them so I just never bothered trying to do it. I know it would help a bit, but wonder does it make a huge difference overall? Dog toothpaste sounds more like a gimic to me, after all cleaning by chewing sounds like it makes more sense. Dogs will get tarter on their teeth when they reach a certain age no matter what.I'm not saying that I don't think people should do it, I just don't really like the idea of it.

  2. yay glad OJ is ok!I never brush Uma's teeth either, i wasnt taught to do it as my trainer said its a waste of time because they just eat the toothpaste of the finger brush thing you use and it didnt really improve their breath. Uma's breath isnt nice lol but i'm not suprised with the eukanuba food she eats!

  3. I do it once a week. The nylabone cleans their teeth too as well as carrots. Ushi's breath gets rather fishy if i don't brush her teeth though. But i don't spend that much time smelling her breath lol.Xxx.

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