He’s home!

The vet who did OJ’s operation rang me just after four to tell me that I could come and collect him. I left him there at half nine this morning, and even though I tried to keep busy, it was a long day and I couldn’t wait for that phone call. I didn’t collect him until almost half five, to give him a bit more of a chance to come round after the anesthetic. He had an x-ray on his leg three years ago, and he was hardly able to stand when I collected him afterwards.
He was very lively and happy this time, which was an unexpected surprise. The vet said that the lump looked like a cyst and she didn’t think it was anything to be too concerned about, but she will send it away to be examined and I should know on Monday week how that goes. OJ has a drain tube type thing in covering part of the wound to drain the fluid. I have to clean the wound with sault water and cream, and bring him back on Monday to have the drain removed. He has a bandage from the catheter but I can take that off myself and clean it tomorrow. I was expecting to have lots of tablets to give him and was happy to learn that he only needs one twice a day. I bought a cooked chicken earlier to disguise them in tomorrow, (fatty chicken legs work wonders since this dog is a nightmare!)

On the way home I sat in the back of the car with OJ. He kept trying to lick his wound so I decided the cone of shame would have to go on when we got home. My mum found the one he had last year and just last week asked me if I wanted it thrown out. OJ knocked himself slightly when he was excitedly getting out of the car when we got home. He whined a bit and it looked a bit red but seems fine. I tried to settle him in his bed in the kitchen, with Dougal tied near his at the other end, but he insisted on having food. After a few handfuls, and crashing into things a lot because of his lampshade head, he lay down and went into a deep sleep, where he currently is at the moment.

Sorry if these next few posts are boring, but I wanted to write in detail for my own records. Things are looking positive so far. I think I will be very shocked if the results turn out to be something negative.


7 thoughts on “He’s home!

  1. I'm glad the operation went well, and I hope all tests come back clean. Gilbert also had to go to the vet this morning to have a skin tag growth removed from his face. Of course, that procedure was nothing compared to the one OJ had, but since I had been watching Gilbert's growth for a week, in which time it got bigger, I couldn't help fearing the worst. The vet determined it was not cancerous, but now I know what that sense of worry and concern feels like. Hope OJ's recovery continues to go well.

  2. Thanks everyone. He has more or less been sleeping since but that's to be expected.I hope Gilbert is ok now. Its a horrible worry though, and must have been worse for you seeing the growth getting bigger.

  3. I'm so glad that everything went well. I think i read somewhere that you can get soft cones, but can't remember where. I think they are called comfert cones or something, and they are used to help the dog so they don't walk into things that much.If people find your posts boring then there is something wrong! I'm so glad that he seemed in good form.Me and ushi send a big hug and a wag. Xxx.

  4. Thanks everyone. OJ has been doing great all weekend. I'm really pleased with his progress, and if you couldn't see or feel the wound you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with him at all.

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