Lets hope its nothing serious

I usually always love September for some reason, but not this year. I have had a very difficult week, and a visit to the vet with OJ this morning hasn’t improved things.

On Friday night, after spending all day away from the dogs, they were very happy to see me. I was petting OJ and noticed a lump on his chest, just above his left leg. It wasn’t sore to touch but it felt big enough. I tried to put it out of my mind during the weekend because I knew things would be difficult enough. My Granny’s funeral was on Sunday, and like all my family, I was very close to her. Today I knew I couldn’t leave it any longer, and my dad took O.J and I to the vet at 9 this morning.
O.J was a bit under 32 KG, so hadn’t put on much weight since last time. I was still concerned about this and when I found the lump, I instantly wondered if the two things were related. The vet took a blood test to see if anything showed up, but said that either way, it would have to be removed, so that operation was scheduled for Friday morning.
I got a phone call from the vet about an hour and a half later, (humans would never get blood results so quickly!) to tell me that his bloods were clear, which was great news. She said that it is possibly just a cyst which is common enough, but that when it is removed it would be sent to the lab for testing to rule out anything else.

As is always the case with O.J, even when he is ill, he is in fantastic form, eating well and bringing his toys to anybody who might play with him. If it wasn’t for his weight loss for no apparent reason, I wouldn’t be so concerned about him. One of the kennel staff in guide dogs said that it is probably nothing to worry about and I hope she is right. We’ll just have to wait and see.


13 thoughts on “Lets hope its nothing serious

  1. We'll be thinking about you and OJ this week.I know it's probably not going to make you feel any better, but Phoenix had several "fatty cists" and all didn't bother him at all. I noticed the first when he was 2 and after the age of 8 or 9, he started getting more but all were preliminaryly tested and came back fine. Cessna has a small "fatty cist" on her left side. They're pretty common, but scary for sure!Keep us posted!

  2. Oh god Jeniffer i'm so sorry. You don't need all this on top of everything else.I really do hope that it comes back negative. He probably isn't putting on much weight because he is older and you are exercising him regularly. Was it there before? Had it grown over the past few days? I really hope it's nothing too serious.Take care, and give him a huge hug. When will you get the results by the way? Xxxx.

  3. Thanks Brooke. That's good to know.Torie I don't know when I will get the results, I'll ask on Friday. Julie in GD kennels did say that about his weight.I'll just keep trying to be positive.

  4. I am really going to same much the same as the first person to comment here. Three years ago in July I had a very similar problem with Ralph except that his spending was going funny which was most out of character and this was putting him under stress. He also had a lump appear just around his left shoulder. Ok, I mightn't be accurately describing where it was but it got me worried and my vet being equally as worried as me even though he couldn't find anything wrong sent me to a more specialised vet in Cork near to Guide Dogs HQ. Everything did turn out fine but I had to wait a few days for blood tests and stuff to come back and his diet had to be changed. I am sure OJ will be fine. He is a real nice friendly doggy and a great house guest here earlier in the year. We will all be sending nice positive vibes his way for Friday.

  5. Thanks Nicky. I did think about you telling me that Ralph had something similar before, and hopefully he will be lucky like Ralph. Hope he's recovering well after his birthday treats 🙂

  6. Hi, scary stuff but hoping all will be ok. two of my friends guide dogs have had these cysts, i think they are common in older dogs? they both had them removed and nothing was found so try not to worry x

  7. I hope all comes back ok. Our Maggie Mae had several cysts which she actually did not have to have removed until the last one she had. She was 14 and had one that started to grow bigger at 13 so that one was removed. She had had it for quite some time with no problems. All of the ones she had were of no consequence. Maybe yours will be the same. : )

  8. Jen, paws and fingers crossed here for you and OJ.We hope everything goes fine for OJ with the op on Friday and that the results are good!Thinking of you both,Fiona

  9. Terri that's good to hear. Hopefully OJ will be as lucky.Maggie Mae, what a brilliant name for a dog! I have to ask, what type is she? Just curious!Thanks Fiona 🙂

  10. Terry, I was told exactly what you said about things like that being common in older dogs. My instructer told me as much last week. Mr. Ralph has a new small little lump which I keep a watch on but because he has just turned nine his vet will not put him asleep again to take it out. We need to just keep an eye on it and as far as we can tell it is totally harmless. Apparently the vet says that once he can move it with his fingers then its not necessarily attached to anything. The one he had removed was much bigger and feeling where it was you wouldn't even know he had been opened up there. Now, Maggie Mae's name, was that musically influenced then?

  11. I hope everything comes back okay for OJ. Like others have said, fatty cysts are very common, so hopefully that's all it is. Willow developed 2 or 3 of these on her chest and side when she got older, but they don't bother her at all so they haven't needed to be removed.

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