Guest Post: At A Glacial Pace

The first blog post of each month is a guest post from a guest blogger. This month’s is from Jes, whose blog has been an inspiration to me since I discovered it earlier this year. When you read her post, you’ll know exactly why. Then go follow her blog:

At A Glacial Pace.

You only think your life is busy until you read about hers!

Have you ever taken a step back and wondered

“where did the time go?” or,

“what have I done in the last six years?”

I didn’t necessarily think these things exactly, but in December of

2005, I started writing a blog. I don’t think anyone really read it,

but I was okay with that. It was more for my own entertainment and

musings; something I could look back on and remember what was going on

in my life. It was also a place for me to vent my feelings and

sentiments about living as a twenty-something, blind girl blundering

my way through life with my first guide dog, Jetta, by my side. A lot

has changed since December 2005. Jetta has retired, I’ve moved a

million times-it feels like it anyway-and I’ve grown up a lot. I still

rant from time to time, but I think I’m a bit more eloquent now and

perhaps don’t get as fired up about certain things as I used to.

Now, my blog focuses primarily on my life as a blind woman in the

process of moving from the United States to Edinburgh Scotland. It

chronicles the happenings in my house with two guide dogs and a

husband. It’s much different from the raging, slightly radical

Sociology student that often spewed words out in an attempt to make

her brain shut off. I still advocate for equality and accessibility; I

still try to raise awareness for those populations who may not

necessarily have a voice-that includes animals; but it’s a less

aggressive and probably much more readable approach.

My blog is constantly changing and it’s probably because I don’t stay

still well. I always have at least two projects on the go and if not,

I’m looking for something else to add. I used to be a competitive

swimmer for Canada and retired in 2008. It took me a few years to

realise that the fire for competition had not burned out and I made it

my mission to fulfill this void; this happens to be training for a

triathlon. I have dreams of competing in the Paralympics again as a

triathlete. If you’re going to dream, dream big.

Athletics are not my only interest. I have a degree in Sociology and

Massage Therapy. I would also like to get my Master’s in

Physiotherapy, which is in the works for September of 2012. On the

side, I love training dogs and interacting with them. My most recent

dog related adventure was starting up a Pet Consulting business that

will be a side project until I can build up a client base. On top of

all of this, my posts are full of stories about the move to Scotland,

my experience as a guide dog handler and a few random ramblings about

the necessity of coffee. In reality, you will probably never know what

the next day’s post is going to be about as I never run out of things

to say. Strangely enough, I am quite the opposite in person; if I

don’t know you, I probably won’t talk much.

“At A Glacial Pace” is the title of the blog and is intended to be

ironic and a play on words all at the same time. Glacier is my current

working dog and nothing moves “at a glacial pace” in our lives. The

URL for the blog is “Walking Barefoot in the Sand” because that is

what life is like. Sand is unstable and if you were to walk on it

every day, or at different times of the day, it would be different.

Sometimes it’s warm and pleasant under your feet; others you must run

because it is too hot; and sometimes it is cold and wet and sticks to

your feet. Life is like walking on a sandy beach: you never know what

you’re going to experience and sometimes it can be pleasant, soothing

and exciting and sometimes it is cold, ungiving and desolate. Either

way, life-and sand-go on and the next time you step out your front

door, or on to a beach, it will not be the same. That is what is

exciting about life and I think my blog reflects that; or at least I

hope it does.


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: At A Glacial Pace

  1. Ok, tried doing this earlier and because I am just stubbern and it didn't work here I am back again. Jes, spent quite a bit of time reading some of your posts tonight. I will keep following your blog with interest and Jen, thanks for sharing Jes's blog with us.

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