What goes on in our dog’s heads

Most of the time I’d rather not know, but sometimes O.J does little things that make me wonder how this dog’s mind works!

My aunt opened a new health shop in our town last Wednesday. I know, your thinking, who in their right mind would open a new business these days, but this woman is such a professional and certainly knows what she’s doing! Anyway the official opening took place on Friday, with food, champaign and everything. I visited my granny and then walked down to the general area of the shop, not far away. I’d been in it once before without O.J, and I just got out of a car and went in, so didn’t have a clue how far down the street it was. I was sure I’d hear people I knew outside as we passed, or somebody I knew would see me, so just told O.J to keep walking. He stopped and pointed his head towards the shop door for a second, then began to walk on, but I smelled the incense and realised where we were. Just then, a woman I know came out to call me in.
I’m not sure if O.J saw somebody he knew, smelled the strange smell or just wanted a nosey, in what was to him a random shop. Its one he will become familiar with from now on, but its good to know that its really easy to find. He has done lots of random things like this before, and found things for me when I’m not really sure where I’m going. I just wonder if its all a coincidence, and what exactly goes on in my dog’s big head.
He probably wonders that about me too! Right now I’m asking myself the same question. Got asked to do some extra work for someone this week, applying for funding for a radio project, trying to pick wooden floors, babysitting, working and recovering from a party last night.
I will be happy to be on annual leave in one weeks time, for a week of travelling and fun!


4 thoughts on “What goes on in our dog’s heads

  1. It would be interesting to find out what is going on. For instance, whenever I give Ushi a carrot, she will run around and attack it, then she'll stand and whine at it for ages before she eats it! I've told her that she is allowed it, but she has to have a good whine at it before she even attempts to eat it.Sometimes when we're walking along, she'll suddenly feel as if she is distracted, but there doesn't seem to be anything that is distracting her!I hope you get your funding soon.Take care, xxx.

  2. We're always wondering what's going on in Clive's head too! We were at a football match this afternoon and Murray got so upset when Dublin lost (his sister's U14 team). Watching Clive licking up his tears was just incredible!I'm sure OJ knew exactly where you wanted to go!take careFiona- Many thanks for your kind comment on Murray and Clive's post on 'their walking together' last week. We really appreciated it.

  3. Haha torie you do have one funny dog!Fiona that's so cute!I reread that post again today actually. Fantastic :)I really want to meet Murray for myself sometime, and meet the great young man I've been reading about for the last couple of years. I know a couple of people who could really benefit from reading the blog too.

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