Annual vet visit

I’m writing this more as a record for myself than anyone else!
O J had his annual check-up with the vet today. For some strange reason he jumped out of the car quickly when we got there, and couldn’t wait to get inside. He wasn’t pulling, but just happy to be going in. He must think they can’t hurt him anymore now that his glands are gone. Before that, he would try and go to the door to get out any time it opened, and couldn’t relax much when we were in there.
He was checked by a new vet that I hadn’t met before. She was very thorough, and made sure she didn’t forget anything, so it took about 15 minutes just for a checkup. He weighed just over 31 KG, which is maybe his lightest ever since I’ve had him. I noticed he had lost a bit of weight recently, and a girl I work with mentioned that she thought he looked thin from the back. He’s happy and healthy so I’m not worried, I just wouldn’t want him to lose any more.
The vet advised me to give him denta sticks twice a week because a few of his teeth are starting to show signs of needing a bit of a clean. She said its bound to happen sooner or later because of his age. I haven’t been good at giving him them once a week never mind twice, but now they will be his main treat. After a booster injection, I got flea and worm treatment for both dogs and we left the vet, hopefully for another year.

I did some shopping in Derry today, including a present for my nephew Harry who is one today. Where did that year go!
I also found nylabones in a shop called B and M bargains, for only £2 each, which is better than the £7 I pay in the pet shops. The dogs are obsessed with them and I have to buy them often, so this was great. That, along with
Pet Land
in Letterkenny giving a discount on food for guide dog owners, I have made some good shopping discoveries!


6 thoughts on “Annual vet visit

  1. Poor Ushi trembles at the vets. She didn't care though when she got her booster injection.We are taught to brush our dogs teeth with some chicken toothpaste and a little toothbrush that goes on your finger. She doesn't mind it.We also go twice a year for a checkup.The Denta sticks are great too, although Ushi will whine at hers before she eats it! She also whines at carrots too lol.Take care and glad it went well! Xxx.

  2. Have you tried brushing his teeth? Did your school teach you how to do that? You just have to be careful with "denta" sticks because the ingredients can cause Diabetes and other unwanted conditions in dogs. Bully sticks are better, but they are a bit pricey. Glad to hear he is healthy. 🙂

  3. I'm really going to have to read more carefully – thought for a second you'd had the booster and flea treatment !!!! Glad OJ is keeping well. Hope you are too – now that you don't have fleas lol.

  4. No we weren't taught to, but i've done it with another dog before.I find the whole idea a bit rediculous to be honest, even though I understand why it needs to be done obviously.Yeah John I have lots of fleas. Itchy little feckers! 🙂

  5. I was never taught to brush Calvin's teeth, but I was a big girl when it came to wiping his face with a cloth lol.Nylabones for £2? They surely can't be the real deal?! I've paid up to £13 for Calvin's, but he does have the biggest ones possible and they will last for years.Try buying the dental nylabones. Calvin has both of them, one has nodules on the outside and a rubber middle and the other also has nodules and the centre is more like corrigated cardboard with its ridges. They are quite large bones, think they are called pro-active. Got mine from Pets at Home, but i'm sure you could get them cheaper else where.I weighed Calvin yesterday, 37.75kg finally within his weight range, I think he looks really skinny now.

  6. Cool I've seen those before but never got them.I can't get the huge nylabones because oj would just kill Dougal with it by dropping it on his head or something haha.That's great Calvin's at his proper weight now. It will be much better for him in the longrun.

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