Lots of fun in 24 hours!

On Saturday morning, O.J and I left rainy Buncrana and eventually ended up in Carlow for my friend
Nicky Kealy’s
birthday. It was organised by
who did a great job of getting as many of us as possible together, and who
wrote about it
all better than I ever could!

Cathal met me off the bus and brought me to the train station, where we met Keri and Paul and got the train to Carlow. O.J made himself at home very quickly as soon as we got to Nicky’s house, by drinking from Ralph’s water bowl before he even got his harness off, then relieving himself both in and out of the dog run. We didn’t realise the second one had been done until Nicky went to get drinks from the shed and stood on it!
O.J kept lying in Ralph’s bed, and being the gentleman of a dog that Ralph is, he didn’t mind. He’s a very relaxed dog and they got on great.
Darragh Emma and Ike came a while later and we all went for dinner. It was my first time meeting Emma, she was very helpful and we got on well. Ike is a gorgeous dog, and very well behaved, especially since he’s so young. Pity I couldn’t say the same about his owner haha.

We watched
perform in the Eurovision before going to the pub for the party. I also got to hear Nicky singing for the first time, when Darragh put on the new CD he has just recorded. Nicky hid upstairs until it was finished. I have no idea why though, because he is an amazing singer!

We had a great night, and it was nice to meet Nicky’s family and friends. We spent most of the time making fun of each other, and you certainly have to be able to defend and stick up for yourself when your with this group! The funniest parts of the night were:
-When Darragh touched Cathal’s hair thinking that it was Ike
-Listening to Nicky and Peter because they are hilarius
-Walking home with Darragh guiding me and Ike guiding Darragh. Darragh decided to show me how fast he usually walks, and I was running beside him
-Darragh hugging Nicky outside their house and nearly cracking Nicky’s ribs (I really thought he was going to cry!)

The next day was mostly the same sort of messing. Cathal cooked us a lovely very big breakfast, and Nicky and I washed up after (had to put that in there encase yous thought I did nothing!) Three of us got the train back to Dublin around four. I love travelling on trains and rarely get to do it, but they are so much better than buses. Getting out of the train station was interesting, since I had no idea where we were going, the trains were so noisy and I had to completely depend on O.J to make sure he was following everybody else.
I got a taxi to meet my friend Julie and her friend for pizza for a couple of hours. The taxi driver used to work in the prison service, and talking to him was very interesting. The second driver who took me to my bus was very funny, so although the journey to meet the girls was a bit out of my way, it was an interesting one.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend. Nicky its hard deciding what to get somebody for their fortieth but you’ll have it on Thursday, which is your actual birthday.
Happy birthday, you mad thing 🙂


9 thoughts on “Lots of fun in 24 hours!

  1. It was the funniest hug in the world, even funnier because your smaller than him.I really really want to know what that dirty thing you said was? The thing that was so bad that Cathal couldn't even tell us. That must have been bad!

  2. Ok, I want to know what that was also. And, yes, you are never coming near me again. God, I thought I was really going to go mad when you did that. Jen, you do not have to get me a present ya mad thing. I thought it was brilliant that you could come and hopefully you will come again and I can show you more of Carlow. Oh, and for the record, I am going to be 30.

  3. Torie, I don't know about the rest of them but I didn't have a sore head at all. The ribs weren't the best for a few minutes but apart from that everything was all good. Shur I talk far too much so Jen probably had a massive head ache listening to me. Anyway, as I said on Darragh's blog, lets have many more nights like that. I loved it.

  4. Torie, all heads were fine the next day. We tried to get Nicky to do shots but that didn't happen, which could have been a good thing.Jes it was great, this lot are crazy! A good kind of crazy though haha

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