Record Store Day 2011

Last Saturday (16th April) was
record store day
I spent the afternoon listening to live music in
Cool Discs
in Derry.
It was great to see the shop busy with people coming and going, with new CDs in their hands as they left. I stood near the door with O J and tried to keep him from being in people’s way as much as possible. He enjoyed getting petted and trying to sniff people when they went in and out. Who knew he could have a career as a bouncer as well? I brought him encase I decided to go out anywhere during the performances, but they were all great, so we more or less stood in the same place for three hours and listened.

The performances included acoustic sets from
Paul Casey
Bronagh Gallagher
Paddy Nash
Furlo, Connor McAtteer, Justin Black and a few more (who I can’t think of to save my life!) They were all great though!

I’ve written
about why I like this shop so much and why I prefer shopping in Cool Discs to shopping online. Downloading music is quick and easy and it doesn’t take up physical space. There are times, when I’m making a radio show for example, when I need something instantly so I will download music. However, shopping online is a lonely activity. You can’t have a face-to-face conversation with the retailer before you buy what you are looking for. Websites like Amazon can recommend music, but they won’t ask you what you thought of the last albums you bought next time you go to buy more. They definitely won’t promote the music released by Irish artists or local bands in your area.

Before I left on Saturday, I wanted to buy some new music. I’d been meaning to buy a Paul Casey album for ages, and when I met him after he played, I promised him that I would. I had a million other things I wanted to get but decided to let Lee and Danny who work in the shop recommend something else for me. Its a great way of finding new music that I know I’ll like. I’ve never been in a shop that knows its customers so well. Its not like I’m in every few days or few weeks even. If I could afford all the music I want I’d never leave the place! I was given ‘the king is dead’ by The Decemberists, which I absolutely love and haven’t stopped listening to for the last two days.

Record store day is definitely a great way of celebrating shops that work hard to promote independent music and local talent. Its a pity it only happens once a year. I just hope all the people who came to their local shops on Saturday keep coming back and supporting independent music.

“Record Stores can’t change your life. but they can give you a better one.”
–Nick Hornby


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  1. Yay, a comment on this post! People were talking about it on twitter, but its cool when someone actually bothers to leave a comment on the actual post. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

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