‘For the Birds’ tenth anniversary gig

I’m only getting a chance to sit down and write now, and try and describe what was a really special
anniversary gig
for the frames last Wednesday.
After discovering that the bus times had changed, O J and I had to get a connecting bus on the way to Dublin. I got a very friendly taxi driver who brought us to the friends house we were staying with. I’d never been there before, but we were well looked after and I think they enjoyed having a guide dog around.

I intended going into Vicar Street a bit early, encase I needed to sort out anything with O J, and to meet some friends and look at the merch stand. We had to wait on a friend’s friend who had our tickets, but when we got in ten minutes before the gig started, the staff were very helpful.

O J eventually lay down under the seat and slept while
played. They are a very unique band, and despite their lead singer Fergus O’Farrell being seriously ill a couple of months ago, he sounded amazing. A few people came up to talk and to pet O J, and the staff took him out just before the frames came on stage. I gave them his bed and a bone and he went with them no bother.

Long time Frames fan Emmett O’Brien came on stage to provide a heartfelt introduction and tribute to the band and to the Album, which you can read
After a huge round of applause, the band came on and played the entire album from start to finish. Magic is the only word I can use to describe it.

Thanks Dave for the picture!

When they had finished someone shouted “play another album!” Glen asked Roddy Doyle to come up and read one of his stories. It is called
and is really entertaining and funny. Then the second half of the Frames gig began, with them performing tracks mostly from the earlier part of their career. Then it was time for more special guests; Bronagh Gallagher and Damien Rice both sang a song each, then Fergus joined Glen for an amazing version of a song called ‘Gold’. This was followed by a performance by Liam O’Maonlai, which was the strangest twenty minutes of music I’ve seen in a long long time. Liam seemed like he was in a world of his own and didn’t know when to stop. My friend turned round at one stage and asked if we were in India or somewhere! He had the audience on their feet, singing and clapping, and from reading reviews and comments online the next day, I’d say some of them didn’t know whether to laugh with him or at him. . He eventually decided to finish by playing a version of forever young with the frames, which was flawless. Finally, Glen, who was a bit emotional at this stage said, “we have one more special guest”, at which point a backdrop of a picture of
Mic Christopher
appeared and the members of the Mary Janes joined him onstage. they all sang hey day, with the audience joining in as loud as they possibly could. If you’ve seen the Frames playing this, or you know anything about Mic Christopher, you’ll understand how special this is. If not, go and do some research, and if you get the opportunity to hear it live, you’ll also sing as loud as you can as well, maybe with tears in your eyes, and definitely a happy smile on your face.

The three-hour Frames gig ended at half twelve, and soon afterwards O J was brought back in to me. He came in wagging his tail and I knew he’d been looked after well. The staff gave him water, walked him, took him to the toilet and gave him lots of attention. They said everybody liked him and they’d be happy to have him again any time. They had done so much more than I was expecting, and I can’t praise Jake and Marie enough for their help. They were friendly and helpful without being patronising or going overboard. It makes me recommend what already is a fantastic venue even more.

The weekend continued to be brilliant, with the announcement of the
Buncrana music festival
lineup for July, and probably the best party I’ve ever been too last night.
It was fantastic to be able to introduce some new people to the Frames, and have them react so positively to their live performance. It was also brilliant to know that I can go and see my favourite band, in a fantastic venue that allows me to bring my guide dog as well, which makes life so much easier.


9 thoughts on “‘For the Birds’ tenth anniversary gig

  1. I'm glad you had a good time. Talk about a long night for you both though!I don't understand why he was in for part of the gig? I take it the frames would have been too loud for him?Take care, xxx.

  2. Torie, Interference are like a folk-rock band, if you could even call them that! They play violin, cello, guitar and piano, so weren't too loud. They actually had a drummer that I wasn't expecting but he was quite quiet.

  3. Hahaha, I love the comment about Liam. He certainly gets going so he does. I saw him perform here in Carlow some time back. Delighted it all went well. So, how many more sleeps till the next Frames gig then? 🙂

  4. Haha lots more sleeps unfortunately. I'll start counting them down like a big kid when I know when the next gig is.I couldn't imagine seeing him perform a whole gig. It must be a bit nuts. Part of me loved him, and part of me was thinking what the hell! He has some voice though when he gets going.Apparently you could see his boxers, not good!

  5. Yeah Beth, I knew Glen had been working with him a bit recently, but wasn't expecting him to read to us for 20 minutes. It was a great surprise!

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