A mixture of things

Basically the last week has been busy, with no one major thing happening, so here’s a post about everything and nothing at the same time.

First of all, I have to congradulate
and co for winning the award for best specialist blog at the 2011 Irish blog awards in Belfast last weekend. I’ve been reading their blog for the last two years and mentioned it lots here, so it was fantastic to have it officially recognised.
Damien Mulley, organiser of the awards is stepping down after six great years of hard work. I really wish I’d gone to one of these events now. Well done to everyone else who won an award.

I spent St. Patrick’s day in town with my family. Nothing too exciting and the town was unusually quiet after the parade. O J did great with all the noise and people, and lay quietly in my granny’s house after, even with lots of children running around.
I put a few bets on the horses but didn’t win anything. Just as well I don’t gamble often, because I’m useless at it.

On Sunday morning I took O J to mass. I think I’ve only taken him
before in Galway. I didn’t get to go to any masses the weekend of the guide dog collection, and thought it was only right that I took him with me, since the people who go were some of those who helped us to collect the 1,775 euros we raised. He lay reasonably still through most of it and did well guiding me to communion. A few small kids ran up to pet him when we were waiting. It was so cute!

Its hard to believe that its almost a year since I applied for O J’s
pet passport
I haven’t used it yet, but still glad I have it encase I need it. I didn’t want to mention because I thought I’d jinx myself in some way, but I actually got the whole passport process completely free. I don’t know if this was thanks to my very generous vet, though he never admitted it. I have no idea, but I offered to pay and they told me it was all sorted, so I’m not complaining!
I need clarification on something though, and will ring the department of agriculture in the morning. The passport says that O.J’s rabies vaccine was given on 25 March 2010 and will expire on the same date in 2012. I’ve been told that some countries require the vaccination to be updated yearly, and if it is not, you have to do the blood test again which is a pain. I don’t know which countries these are, or if I would ever travel to any of them, but I’d hate to be stuck, so the vet suggested getting an annual vaccination to prevent any problems. If I do this I’ll have to get it done on Thursday.
I think this is right anyway. I’m a bit confused!

On Saturday, O J and I and some friends are going to a
Who Wants To Be A Thousandaire?
fundraiser for the music festival that’s taking place in Buncrana this summer. I don’t know the lineup of that yet but can’t wait to find out.


8 thoughts on “A mixture of things

  1. We are in the U.S and though our rabies vaccine says it's a three year we still vaccinate our dogs every year, including our guide dog in training. Where will you travel first with O.J.?

  2. Alexis I haven't planned anywhere yet. I just wanted the passport encase I ever need it. I have travelled to the UK three times since I got OJ, but he doesn't need the passport to travel there.Why do you update it every year if you don't have to? Just curious 🙂

  3. Just rang the dept of agriculture, and apparently the annual vaccination only applies if you intend spending more than three months in certain European countries. I don't, so O J doesn't need a rabies vaccination until March 2012. yay!

  4. I try to get my dogs vaccinated as little as possible. If it says that it is good for two years, then is how long I wait. We really don't know what sorts of things we may be causing by vaccinating them all of the time. Plus, the Dachshunds can have an allergic reaction. If they react that way, what is it doing to them? Some research suggests that after a certain age, the dogs don't need the vaccine anymore because they have enough anti-bodies in their blood from being vaccinated so much when they were younger. That said, I was going to suggest contacting the department that oversees that kind of thing to see what they have to say, but you already did. lol

  5. hey as far as i know you have to keep the vacinations up to date each year or start the whole process agian. I dont think i will ever take Uma abroad but my friend does take his dog to brussels and paris as he needs to go there as part of his work and in his case it's quite useful to have one

  6. Very useful post, as I am just getting the ball rolling to travel to Spain and France with my Seeing Eye dog Harper in September. You've inspired me to write a blog post about all the paperwork –thanks!And on another note, thanks for commenting to my blog, too, Jenny, with the good news that my book "Long Time, No See" is going to be published in Braille by the RNIB! I actually have a Braille copy of “Long Time, No See” here that I thought about shipping to you, but it is so big and heavy I was afraid it’d cost too much to ship it to Ireland. Plus it’s a National Library Service edition so probably wouldn’t be kosher to send it your way anyway. Much, much better that the Royal National Institute of the Blind will be creating a Braille edition themselves — once you’re done reading it, maybe others in Britain & Ireland who are blind can enjoy it, too. Yay!

  7. Beth when I read it, the first thing I'm going to do is review it here and recommend friends and blog readers in the UK and Ireland to do the same.Never mind France and Spain, when are you coming to Ireland!

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