O.J’s birthday

Poor O.J didn’t exactly have the nicest birthday today. We did our annual church gate collection for Irish guide dogs this weekend. I am the only guide dog owner in my town and although I detest bucket collections, I don’t mind doing this one, as if I don’t nobody else will, and its a great chance to raise a bit of cash.

Family and friends were very helpful as usual, standing in the cold collecting at the different gates in three different chapels. We did two collections on Saturday, but had an hour in between to go get a coffee and get heatened up. One of the local supermarkets opened a new cafe about six months ago and the staff there love O.J and are always very helpful.

Today was much colder than yesterday, and very very wet. I collected outside three churches, and people were so generous. They kept saying things like, “you must be freezing” and “you picked a bad day to do the collection.” Each charity has a date assigned to them every year. Do they really think that if I had a choice, I’d decide to collect in the middle of March?
O.J didn’t seem to mind the rain at all, and stood patiently beside me, giving the odd passerby a sniff when they gave us money. He also barked at a dog across the road and I had to stop him quickly encase he put people off coming near us.

O.J spent the next three hours lying on a mat in front of the fire drying himself. He had a bone and lots of cuddles but nothing else exciting happened on his birthday. I went to a fashon show that my friend is running, but thought I’d leave him at home since I’d traumatised him enough for one day.
I promise O.J, your sixth birthday will be much better!

Keep an eye on the comments section to see how much we raised!


10 thoughts on “O.J’s birthday

  1. Yeah, I like your bit about people saying could you not have picked a better day. I am not collecting at the moment but when I was we have our day, or weekend in January and it is usually very cold and dry or a bit milder and pissing rain and I always get those comments. Still, having the dog there does wonders and if it wasn't for him I bet your takings wouldn't be as good. Cheers, Nicky.

  2. Happy Birthday OJ!Church gate collections are no fun! We don't much like them either but people are still so generous.Glad to hear you got to sit in front of the fire though later and enjoy a treat!best wishes again from Clive and all the gang here in Dublin.ps-Jen, would really love to get to Belfast particularly as Clive's blog is a finalist in the Specialist Blog category (still can't quite believe that!!) but we are flying in from Paris that evening at 10pm so don't really think we are going to make Belfast!)

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