Project 366 things

I don’t know how I haven’t read this blog before now. Its a brilliant concept, interesting, funny and very well written.
The creater of
the project 366 things
is Dan Mooney, a 26 year-old from Limerick. He began the project on his 26th birthday, and will do something he has never done before every day until he turns 27.

I heard Dan talking to Ray Darcy on today fm yesterday, just before he began one of his latest challenges. I’ve also heard him
plucking a turkey
looked for a needle in a haystack (literally)
and getting a
Brazilian wax
all on national radio. Its not like I hadn’t heard of him before, so I have no idea why I only looked at the blog for the first time yesterday. Better late than never I suppose, and reading back through his posts was great fun.

Other things Dan did for the first time included dying his hair, knitting, set dancing and sewing.
Some of the stranger things included:
staying outdoors for 24 hours
drinking his own urine
learning to beat box, burning a bra, giving money to a stranger, and lots lots more.
Dan even tried
being blind for a day
Pity he didn’t have a guide dog to try walking with that day too.

There’s still another month of new things to go. Good luck with the rest of the project Dan!
Anyone who hasn’t seen it, check it out!


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