What’s the best thing about being blind?

Last week I mentioned the lovely kids I’d met at a small school I visited as part of the disability awareness programme for work. I often find that children are quite shy at first, and sometimes they don’t really start asking many questions until the second session, a week after we first meet them. The questions often become more thoughtful and interesting, which was the case with this class. The teacher knew I was going to get a bus, so he told them they only had time for one more question before I left. A few put up their hands and shouted “sir, sir” enthusiastically. He picked a girl from fourth class who asked, what’s the best thing about being blind?
I’ve never been asked this by a child so young before, and wasn’t sure what to say at first. I told them that of course it was the fact that I get a free dog! They all laughed, and it gave me time to think of an honest answer.

The best thing about being blind for me is that I am not able to judge people straight away. I can’t make judgements on their appearance or by how they dress. I have to get to know them a bit first, and base my opinion of them on their personality. I explained to the children that of course I can make judgements about people without looking at them, and those judgements can also sometimes be made too quickly or unfairly, the same as sighted people can. The fact that I can’t see doesn’t necessarily make me less judgmental. It just means I can’t judge somebody by how they look, and that is something I am actually grateful for.

What’s your favourite thing about being blind?


7 thoughts on “What’s the best thing about being blind?

  1. Jesus that's a hard one. Hmmmmmmm…………..not having to waist time looking at myself in the mirror to make sure i look pritty. And being able to read in the dark! Xxx

  2. I think my answer would probably have been the same; including the free dog. LOLI asked Mr. K and he said the free dog too and that he gets to go back to school for free. In the United States, the representation of blind people in post secondary education is extremely low, so the government tries to get more to go by offering grants and other programs that allows the blind population to go to university or college for free.

  3. Good answer Torie!Jes that's really interesting. Wish they did that here! Thanks for asking mr. K too. Very curious to know what his name is, not that it matters, but I'm curious only because I don't know.

  4. I liked that answer about not being judged by looks.I am sighted, so in a world of "judging a book by its cover" first, blind people seem to have the advantage of not doing this. It has turned into a judgemental world, a looks world, and it isn't fair.x

  5. Wow. Favorite thing about being blind now that makes me think! I recall a bus driver telling me that I was fortunate that I didn't form judgments of people on their appearance. I like that!

  6. That was a great answer Jen – and of course you didn't go weak at the knees when you saw what a stunningly good looking person I am lol. Scared me for a second there Becky – i thought you were going to say that the bus driver was blind!!!

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