Today is a good day :)

Not because its my birthday, and as far too many people keep reminding me, I turn quarter of a century.
Today is a good day because O.J and I walked to our new house today for the first time on our own, and he did it almost perfectly. We pass lots of houses with barking dogs at the gates, so he was fairly distracted, but I could tell he was excited and determined to get us there. The road opposite my house is one of the busiest in the town, and we are hoping to speak to the town council about this as its very difficult to get across. My dad told me when to cross from the other side of the road, but I was delighted that O.J got us that far with no problems.
The walls are built up now, and they are starting the floor upstairs. It is amazing to walk inside the shell of what will be your future home. There’s rubble on the ground and everything is everywhere. O.J sat down in the middle of the floor like he owns the place. I think he will make himself at home very quickly, when we eventually move in.

I’m going for dinner with my cousin tonight and meeting up with my sister and her friends. My three-year-old nephew can’t wait to have a party for me over the weekend. Not exactly sure what that will involve, but having kids around stops you from feeling completely ancient!


7 thoughts on “Today is a good day :)

  1. Happy Birthday Jen!Very exciting having your own house built …. the very best of luck with the build. Hope everything gets finished on time!take careFiona

  2. Thanks everyone!I hope Murray had a lovely day yesterday Fiona.John I emailed you a while ago to see how you were but maybe it didn't send. Hows life?Jen x

  3. Oo, I'm a little late, but happy belated birthday! Loved your comment to my blog about finding work in Ireland, no need for you to apologize for the comment being long, I enjoy hearing from you. Good luck with the new house –how exciting!

  4. Thanks Beth, and better late than never! :)I think I was probably reading your reply to my comment on your blog, at the same time you were writing this one. Freaky!

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