The wheels on the bus…

O.J and I have been on a bus every day for the last week. He’s in great form and really enjoying the variety of work and change of scenery each day.

Last thursday morning we went to work in Letterkenny
The next morning I finished the second week of disability awareness training with possibly one of the nicest groups of kids I have ever met. There were only sixteen in the class, and the schools only had two rooms. Their teacher was friendly and enthusiastic, and it was clear that they all got along well and get a great education there.
After that we got the bus to Dublin to visit
and his partner. We had a great weekend as usual. A couple of friends came to visit, we watched some Father Ted and did the radio show as usual. We went to the pub for food after it and met another of Stuart’s friends who I chat to on twitter but haven’t seen in eight years.
The good thing about visiting this part of Dublin often is that it is becoming familiar to O.J. He relishes in the fact that he can find the right house on the way home from the shop or the pub.

The two dogs get on very well but had a bit of an incident on Saturday. We let them play outside because the weather was lovely. They weren’t really chasing each other as much as usual so we thought a toy would encourage them to play. They both ran and tried to grab it at the same time, and O.J got his ear nippled on in the process. He whined a bit and ran over to me. He was fine though, no harm done. The dynamic completely changed after that, and the dogs avoided each other for the rest of the day. O.J did try and get his own back by eating some of Q’s food. By the next morning they were friends again.

I worked in the office on Monday, finishing off preparations for a presentation I had to make at a conference. On tuesday afternoon my PA and I got the bus to Dublin again. We stayed in
Isaac’s Hotel
which is opposite the depot and very easy to find. Its very basic but there is grass close by which is good when you’ve got a guide dog who refuses to go on concrete. The staff were friendly and loved O.J.

We attended the shared learning conference for CILs yesterday morning. I had to talk about a fundraising project we’ve done in work, which I’m not directly involved in but the person who is couldn’t do it. I was very nervous and it didn’t help that I was last to present. Everybody was very friendly and I was worrying about nothing. The presentation couldn’t have gone better.
O.J was happy to meet Isaac, the first Irish guide dog trained for a person who also uses a wheelchair. He’s one very big dog!

We had a couple of hours to kill before the bus home, so I met Keri for a coffee. O.J didnt exactly know where to go to find the bus, but he knew we were looking for one and tried to bring me on every bus he could find.

Back in work today, and we’re both a bit tired. I think we’ll both be glad to have a break from buses for the weekend.


4 thoughts on “The wheels on the bus…

  1. Sounds like you both did great. :)Glacier would do that sometimes too if we were at the bus depot. There would be a dozen or so buses all lined up and he would bring me to whatever one had its door open. I couldn't complain; at least he was finding a bus. I would just ask the driver where the number such and such was and usually was able to find the right bus on the second try.Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  2. Wow you've been busy! I'm glad OJ is liking all the changes. The dogs were prob avoiding each other because one was prob thinking "what did i do?" while the other was prob thinking "I can't play with you now!".Take care, i'm off to groom mine. Xxx.

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