I have told lots of lies recently. In fact, I have never lied so much in my entire life. It was all for a good reason, and I’m sure I will be forgiven.

My mum will turn 60 on Thursday. Last Friday she celebrated with my dad and a couple of their friends by going to a hotel she really loves. She came home on Saturday night, thinking she was collecting me to go and have dinner in my aunt’s house. Instead, our house was filled with around 50 of her family and friends who were there to surprise her. Needless to say she was completely shocked, and had absolutely no idea that we had planned anything. The biggest surprise of all was that my Brother came home from Afghanistan for the party. My sister and I had known he was coming since Christmas. My dad had no idea either, and when he finally got over the shock, he was delighted.

The party couldn’t have gone better, and we spent the next day confessing all the lies we’d told our mum during the last few weeks. My brother is here until next week, and we still have my mum’s actual birth day to celebrate, as well as my godson/nephew’s confirmation on Saturday.

Another thing that’s made me excited this week is that the building of my new house has finally started. I am rennovating and extending an existing house, which O.J and I will hopefully move to at the end of the summer. We applied for planning permission in August and it was refused, but after making small changes, it went through in December. Part of the building was knocked down yesterday, and the cement lorries were there early this morning. My three year-old nephew is obsessed with what’s happening, so I get a full account of exactly what happens each day. He even said yesterday when we were watching the builders that he wished I could see, because it was so exciting!

I have been working in my current job for exactly one year today. The original plan was that I’d work there for two months while they found a new receptionist. Six months later they employed two part-time receptionists, but I’m still there and will hopefully be for another year. The school project I’m involved in is going well, and could open exciting possibilities for me this year, but I can’t talk about that at the moment.

Off to bed now, to listen to some music with my new earphones. Yay for Amazon vouchers 🙂


7 thoughts on “Celebrations!

  1. Awwww that is so sweet! That must have been such an amazing surprise for both of your parents. I don't know how easily I would have been able to keep such a huge surprise.Congratulations on the house building-that is definitely exciting stuff. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jes.Its definitely exciting to see parts of your house actually being built, rather than just moving into one.Having a nice relaxing day with my family for my mum's official birthday today.

  3. Terri the house was flooded last year so some came from insurance. Only a quarter of it though. The rest came from working hard and saving hard and a bank loan. It will be tough paying back but I'm lucky to have half a house already there to start with.

  4. ooh your very lucky, wish someday i could afford my own house but doubt it will happen. Will make do with my flat for now, even though i feel like strangling most of the annoying tennants here!

  5. Haha why are they so annoying? How many people do you share with? You'll definitely have your own place someday. You never know, you might find a well-paid job or a rich man :)I haven't found either of those.

  6. I have my own one bedroom flat, which is really nice and big for what i pay but as its a block of flats everyone seems to enjoy knowing everyone's business. As everyone is VI here, they like to gossip. Quite a large number of them dont go out much and spend all day doing gossiping downstairs in the common room. Would love to have my own house close to my family with a garden though.

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