My review of 2010

Now that We’ve survived Christmas, which involved excited nephews with lots of toys, lots of lovely food, a few nights out with my best friends, and some nice presents such as clothes, make-up and new music, its time I wrote about the year that was 2010. Apart from our government being a joke and the country being in a huge financial mess that affects everybody who lives here, It was mostly a great year for myself and O.J. If I didn’t keep a blog I wouldn’t remember half of it!

In January 2010 I
lost my job
As a result of lack of funding, and a week later, I got
a new one.

In February I spent my 24th birthday in London with my mum and sister, and we went to see Lion King the musical, which I’d wanted to see for years.
O.J got his first professional groom, and I applied for his pet passport in March.
In April I did an amazing work placement for a week at Radio Foyle. O.J came with me and was always the centre of attention. I think its fair to say we both enjoyed it a lot!

In May I had five amazing
guest posts
On the blog, from guide dog owners who wrote about different stages of owning a dog. They are definitely worth a read if you haven’t seen them already. Guest posting is a feature I want to do again on the blog next year.
I was also asked to be a guest blogger on Peter Nagle’s blog
Where I wrote five music-related posts.

June was a busy but brilliant month. On the 3rd, my gorgeous nephew Harry was born, the following week my brother came home, and the week after that we celebrated my dad’s
sixtieth birthday.

O.J had an
To have his anal glands removed in July. He recovered well after a slightly difficult start, and hasn’t looked back since.
We worked on developing a disability awareness project in work, which meant that O.J and I featured in a few newspaper articles and on a few school walls.
I gave my first talk to secondary school pupils in October in
St. Cecilia’s College
In Derry and it was really enjoyable.

O.J took his third flight in November, when we went to
To visit my cousin’s school.
December was the coldest weather I’ve ever experienced in my life, but when the yak trax I bought from Amazon finally came in the post we managed much better than previous years in the ice. I missed a lot of days at work and it restricted us a lot, but there was no point in getting annoyed about it when there was nothing anybody could do.

As usual, music was an important part of the year. I attended my first music award ceremony In Vicar Street In March, Duke Special’s Hector Mann performance, two Neil Hannon Gigs with O.J, that incredible Glen Hansard gig in
In September, and two of the Frames 20th anniversary gigs in December, (I found out I definitely had a ticket for the Wheelans gig 3 hours before jumping on the bus from here to Dublin!)

I haven’t made too many plans for 2010 yet. That’s because my main plan is to renovate an existing house and move in at the end of the summer if all goes well. Hopefully I can improve at my job and learn new things, and O.J’s work will be as good as it usually is. I also hope we can go new places, have new experiences and meet new people.

I hope everyone has a happy new year, and a healthy and happy 2011.
) 


8 thoughts on “My review of 2010

  1. What an ambitious blog post — all those links would have taken me a day or more to put together. Here's to you, OJ and a happy 2011 — I have vague plans to come with Harper to Portaferry in September, ig that happens we absolutely *must* link up. For now, I have to start getting his microchip and rabies info together so he'll be ready for Ireland by then!Cheers!

  2. Cool Beth, get working on that passport in the new year :)The post took about an hour, and I did get frustrated and leave out links to things I could have put in.

  3. Wishing you, OJ and all the family a very Happy New Year, Jen!Your plans for 2011 sound very exciting – we wish you every success with them.- Fiona and all the gang

  4. Hi foofur, first time reader of your blog. I have seen you post on the frames message board and just came across your blog.I don't usually comment on blogs. Sounds like you have had a very active year! I think its fantastic that you are doing school talks and using this blog to raise awareness of guidedogs. I am a sighted person myself so I find your blog very interesting to learn what life its like with a guidedog. OJ sounds like a great friend!Loved the pictures of Glen and marketa meeting you and OJ!I hope you have a wonderful 2011.Best wishes.gerry

  5. Thanks Becky and CliveWelcome to the blog Gerry! Its great to have someone post here via the frames board.I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures. That was a very random night. Poor Glen!Happy new year to you as well. I hope this year is a great one.Foofur

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