Dougal m"eats" Santa

Living with my two dogs is like living with the angel and the devil. Dougal has ate some crazy things in his almost four years of existance, but last week’s episode was his biggest achievement to date. How he is still alive, never mind perfectly healthy, I will never know.

I went up to my room after work to find a plastic bag in the middle of the floor. The only thing in it was a small bell. I was very confused for a few minutes, but then a quick look around my room confirmed my worst fears.
Dougal had eaten not one but three Lindt chocolate Santas, tinsel and all, only leaving one little bell. These are pure milk chocolate, and if you ate one yourself you’d feel slightly sick. Imagine a dog as small as Dougal eating three?

The next six hours were not good. I won’t go into detail, but lets just say there was a lot of constant cleaning up to do. My cousin who is a vet said to keep an eye on him encase of seizures, because chocolate can be fatal for dogs. He was very dehydrated and had a racing heartbeat, but I knew by how sick he was that he would probably be fine.

After a much needed bath the next day he was back to his usual self. His thieving habits haven’t stopped completely, but he has moved from chocolate to opening Christmas presents now.
Go fetch mine Dougal!


3 thoughts on “Dougal m"eats" Santa

  1. Poor Dougal!I thought Clive had eaten some incredible things but that story beats everything! That was a huge amount of chocolate – thank goodness he's okay now. You must have been very worried.Hope you all have a lovely Christmas – best wishes from Clive and all the gang here!

  2. It would work if I put enough time and energy into training him properly. He's a messer though, even if its not food he just likes finding things he shouldn't have. If you sat those santas in front of him he mightn't even look at them!

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