My inbox had some nice things in it this morning:

1. an email from guide dogs in Cork saying their pups for sponsorring have been put online. Over the summer I mentioned that my mum and some friends did a charity shop and raised 2,500, 500 quid for five different charities, one being Irish guide dogs. I decided to use the money to sponsor two pups for my three and twelve-year-old nephews. two black pups, Doodles Harris and Holly will be going to live with a family soon, who will look after them for the next year. My nephews will receive their first update about them this week.
Danny pulled a wishbone for the first time the other day. His dad was explaining what it was and how you had to make a wish and not tell anybody. A few minutes later he came over and whispered in my ear, “I wished for a real puppy!” I can’t give him one, but this is the best I can do.

2. I got my first COAPE assignment back and got an A – 90% It will probably go downhill from there!

3. I am attempting to help a teacher for the blind in Minnasoda, who got in contact through the blog.

4. I went to see the Frames on Saturday in Belfast. It wasn’t my favourite frames gig but still amazing, and I met up with some great people again. I contacted the students union where the gig was taking place to see if there was anywhere I could leave OJ during the gig, as my parents weren’t at home. They thought about it for an hour but told me they didn’t have enough staff because of students doing exams, and they wouldn’t take the responsibility of leaving O.J on his own. They couldn’t guarantee that some drunk person wouldn’t go over and start petting him. This was completely understandable and they were very appologetic. It worked out for the best because Belfast was so busy with Christmas parties. It would have been a guide dog’s nightmare!
Anyway this morning I got an email from a staff member who was absent at the weekend. She said that in future if there were staff availible, (probably any other time of the year) O.J would be more than welcome.
Josh Ritter’s playing there next year. I just might have to go now and take them up on their offer.


2 thoughts on “emails

  1. Jen, I'm curious about the teacher you are helping in Minneapolis. I plan on visiting schools in Minneapolis this Spring with my new Seeing Eye dog Harper, wouldn't it be something if this teacher was affiliated with one of the schools I'll be going to?

  2. Hey Beth! I'll send her to your blog, and if she hasn't heard of you already, I'm sure she'll be delighted. If she finds me interesting, she'll definitely love you!!I hope you and Harper are getting on well. I would have loved to have met the famous Hanni if you ever came to Northern Ireland, but I know Harper will be just as great!Jen x

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