The class clown

Funny story for you on this cold, wet, windy, miserable day in Ireland…

I visited a school on Tuesday as part of the disability awareness programme I’m doing for work. The kids had an idea of what to expect this time and were much more talkative. They petted O.J as they came up to collect their names in braille. I showed them some of his things: his brushes passport and a bone-shaped toy that floats in the water. The teacher told me there was a big space in front of me if I wanted to throw it for him. I told her that probably wasn’t a good idea since he would get very lively, but not wanting to disappoint the kids I threw it anyway. O.J fetched it and came right back to me. He didn’t want to give his toy back and we had a bit of a tug of war game. The children found it hillarius and O.J wasn’t impressed when I hid the toy back in my bag.

I decided to show the kids how to do sighted guide, i.e. how to guide a person with a visual impairment properly by allowing them to take your elbo. The first volunteer came up and we began walking around the room. The class started laughing hysterically and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I heard O.J coming behind me, dragging the swivel chair he’d been tied to along with him around the room!
The teacher offered to hold him while I worked with the children, and he got very excited when I came back, like he hadn’t seen me in weeks. The teacher said that it was great to see the relaxed, non-working side of him, and that he has such a strong personality. I’m just glad the children found it so entertaining. He was quiet as usual when we went to the next class. We have to go back next week. I hope he behaves then.

He didn’t want to get off the bus, then walked right past the building where I work this morning. What a strange dog.

9 thoughts on “The class clown

  1. Good man OJ – proudof you. Don't be letting that Jen doll try to steal your limelight – we know you are the real star. Best be careful next week though – if you misbehave teacher might give you detention.Give my love to Jen, x

  2. I've been reading your entries lately and find it interesting to see the antics of other service dogs 🙂 Cessna can be quite the character, so it's nnice to see others out there like her 🙂 Look forward to reading more about your adventures with O.J.Brooke, Cessna (dog guide) & Phoenix (retired dog guide) &

  3. Sounds like there was great fun in the classroom today!We love doing school visits – particularly with primary school kids – their questions are always so good!take careFiona

  4. Brooke I started following your blog but the audio capcha won't play for me so I can't post. Those things are evil they should never have been invented!Clive and Becky it was very funny, and yes, children's questions always entertain me.

  5. haha, i learnt my lesson very early on not to tie Uma to swivel chairs! she once did a simular ting attempting to follow me, and taking the chair with her. She's also pulled tables out that she's been tied to before as well!

  6. Lol that sounds very mad! He probably just thought that he was going somewhere!Ushi is now lying beside my swivel computer chair lol. Bet you were embarrassed though lol. Xxx.

  7. Calvin is well known for dragging things he's tied to along with him or just pulls himself off as you know.And what is it when they get so excited when they have been able to watch you for the whole 5mins you've left them! I was at the hair dressers the other day, Calvin tied to the sofa in reception, I was all of 3m away from him whilst getting my hair washed, walked back towards him and he pounced on me, like omg where have you been, i've missed you sooooooo much! Funny things.

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