blogs, dogs and halloween

Thanks to everyone who commented on my
last post.
I got some great encouragement to continue doing what I’m interested in. A couple of people said they are aware of dog trainers who are blind, but I haven’t got a contact for one yet. I’m researching training options locally and hopefully I can go meet some dogs and trainers in the future, but any more feedback from people online would still be great.

The blog carnival post is up on
aftergaget’s blog
if you want to take a look at all the posts together. My favourite new blog discovery from that was
plays with puppies
who already follow me. My follower’s blogs don’t come up as proper links, so if they don’t introduce themselves I’m less likely to be able to find their blogs as easily, and might miss some good stuff, which happened with plays with puppies. It is an excellent resource for dog training, telling the experiences of training possible future guide dogs for leader dogs for the blind.

My friend invited O.J and I to talk to first-year pupils in her school on Monday. It was originally just to her form class, but ended up being to 120 pupils in the assembly hall. I was nervous at the beginning, but secondary school students were a lot nicer than I’d imagined! Being an all girls school, naturally lots of their questions were based around going shopping, how do I pick and match my clothes, how do I put on make-up and so on. My favourite was asked as serious as the rest:
How do you wash yourself?
A few minutes later, another pupil asked if I ever get paranoid. Yes, I told her, I’m paranoid right now!

O.J was a star during the whole thing, and the girls had a quick pet on their way out. We had a look (and a sniff) around their new school, and it is very impressive! I got some lovely cards, candles and chocolates, which I wasn’t expecting but really appreciated. I also got a voucher from my nephew’s teacher after our visit to her class a couple of weeks ago. I never expect any of this when I visit classrooms with O.J. There is no need but it is a lovely thought.

I am running a disability awareness programme with primary schools as part of my work. It will be my main job from now on. It starts next week, and there is great interest already. Schools are one of O.J’s favourite places to visit and he is usually well behaved there, so we’ll be seeing lots more good behaviour between now and Christmas.

Finally, I should probably wish people a happy halloween. I’m not doing anything for it this year, not even going out anywhere, never mind dressing up. I don’t mind though as I’ve just had a very busy week (y cousin got engaged so there were lots of celebrations!)
Luckily my dogs aren’t bothered by fireworks at all, and there aren’t many going off in our area anymore. Some dogs are terrified though, and it can be a particularly tough time for guide dog owners if they can’t work their dogs during halloween. I know someone who actually has to put their dog in kennels for a couple of weeks every October. Its just something to keep in mind during your halloween celebrations.
Happy halloween from me and the black hound ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “blogs, dogs and halloween

  1. Lol I laughed at that question lol. That's a tuff one lol…….I always pick up the bleach to wash myself, well doesen't that keep things clean? I don't know at all what "shampoo" is, and I use a scrubbing brush, as i don't know how to use a sponge. Lol though what did they think you would say?Thankfully Ushi just slept through the fireworks-we had a firework display last night. There will prob be more fireworks tomorrow night, but she has been grand. I am so glad though. I would be really worried if she was affected.Ooooooh the black hound? Sounds spookey!!! Xxx.

  2. Thanks, Jen, for the plug for my blog, playswithpuppies! Sounds like you (and OJ) were a big hit at the school–have fun with doing that! I've taken my Future Leader Dogs to different classrooms and schools to talk to kids–it's great fun.Have a Happy Halloween, even if it is quiet for you! We're off to carve pumpkins!

  3. I love your blog, Jen. Thank you for visiting me (and Laura). I hope that she qualifies and can help someone some day – she's such a wonderful dog.I will look forward to reading more about you and OJ!

  4. I must say, there was very little useful information in this post, but I did learn a few things. Thanks. DId anyone see Inception. It blew my mind right offโ€ฆ I think I'm still missing a few screws. What a great movie. Hey, what's the best way to start blogging right away? Like, without any difficult setups. How do people blog on other people's blogs? Can I guest post on your site, I have lots of interesting articles.Windows v47.4 – We **FINALLY** got it right!!!

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