The assistance dog carnival

If you have any experience of assistance dogs, you might like to participate in this blogging carnival.
You can find out exactly how it works

Assistance dogs can be guide dogs, hearing dogs, autism service dogs, seizure detection dogs, service dogs etc.
If you own one or have owned one in the past, train or have trained one, live with someone who owns one, or have any experience of one and a story to tell, write a blog post, post it on your blog and send the host of the carnival the link. You can also submit a link to a post you’ve already written, provided it fits the topic.

the topic for the blog posts is “first.” this can be first anything relating to an assistance dog.
The deadline for submissions is 19th October, and you can post your blog posts any time between now and then.

It is an interesting project, and it will be good to read what people come up with.
If your taking part, good luck and have fun writing 🙂


10 thoughts on “The assistance dog carnival

  1. That is a very interesting and exciting project, and a great way to share experiences with assistance dogs with a larger audience, something I myself have been looking for opportunities to do. So thank you for spreading the word about this project. I posted a blog I wrote on my one year anniversary of the start of training with my first guide dog, Gilbert.

  2. Hi, I got my first guide dog Velma recently. I've been looking through your blog Jen and it seems really intresting. The blogs a great idea since I don't know many people with dogs, I know one boy with an autism dog but it's a lot different so this should be a good place to get advice from. I'll be back soon!

  3. Hey Ian thanks for the comment.I really enjoyed your posts and I tried to comment but the capcha wouldn't play. How about using comment moderation instead if you don't want spam. Audio capchas can be a pain and you might find blind/VI people are less likely to comment if they can post without having to listen to that horrible audio first.Just a thought!I'm looking forward to hearing more about Renton, especially from such an experienced guide dog owner. I'd be interested to hear more about your career as well.Jenny

  4. Hey Rachel!Welcome to the blog and glad you like it.Fiona mentioned that you go to Murray's riding school and I said I would be interested to hear more about it. That's cool you came and posted here.How are you getting on with the new dog? Email me if you want, if its easier.Jen

  5. When people try to post comments on your blog they have to fill in a security code. There is an option to click and hear the numbers in the code being read out if you can't see them, but it doesn't play and can be difficult to understand when it does.You can change it in your blogger settings somewhere. Not sure where but I'm sure you'll find it.Hope this helps.

  6. I am not sure if i will do a post-as tecknically my whole blog is about my first guide dog!!!! Still a few days to go though…. By the way sorry wasn't on skype last night. Xxx.

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