My trip to Dublin

Its been a while, but I’m finally back on the computer to post about my weekend in Dublin, which was great fun!

We went down on Thursday to stay with Jen’s friends. They are really cool, and one of them owns a dog. What’s even cooler is he is a guide dog like me and we get on really well.

The humans went for dinner in a lovely place called
Mona Lisa
We had to get the bus to town first and I didn’t know where I was going, but I followed like a good dog and did what I was told. After dinner we went to the Olympia to see the Divine Comedy. I went to see them with Jen
in July
and the crazy man on stage, (I think he’s called Neil Hannon) was just as funny as before. There were more people watching and they made more noise, and people kept walking past and I had to keep getting up. Sooo annoying!! Tracy who worked in the theatre was very helpful and couldn’t have been nicer. The manager wasn’t happy that us dogs were lying at the fire exit, but there was nowhere else for us to go, and we stayed quietly of course.

On friday Jen and her friend (who uses that white stick thing) went for a walk and had lunch. I ran in front of him on the way home and found the right house, which made Jen very happy. I slept for most of the afternoon because Jen was helping to make a documentary. She was on the computer editing for like 4 hours! I have no idea what that is, but I think she likes doing it.

Saturday was very relaxing and we didn’t go out because the humans were doing a radio show. It sounded like fun and they were talking to lots of people, even though I only saw one new person come into the studio. They played their
about the divine comedy on the show, and people connected to the band were very impressed. Jen edited the
of the show afterwards. Its all a bit mad. You should listen!

I loved playing with my guide dog friend, running around and pretending to fight over toys. We ran up and down the stairs, and sometimes Jen put my lead on to stop me being hiper. He always ran in front of me and barked at me to tease me. He barks a lot! I kept sniffing the bin in the kitchen because its one of those ones without a lid, and of course its very tempting for a lab type dog like me. I got told off each time I did it but I kept forgetting and still went back. The food bowl was kept right beside the bin, so sometimes i’d try to pretend I was getting a drink of water when they caught me.

I didn’t want to leave Dublin but I am very excited about some things I will be doing with Jen. She says we will be going to the theatre, visiting schools and going on a plane, all before Christmas. Then after that people will start building our new house. I love the house I live in now because its nice and warm with lots of space and Dougal to play with. I saw the house we will be living in and it doesn’t look too appealing at the minute. Just walls and bricks and rough ground everywhere. There’s no bed or food bowl or anything. Will it be a lot nicer when we move there? I hope so, or I’m not moving!


4 thoughts on “My trip to Dublin

  1. OJGreat to read a post from you! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend in Dublin with Jen. You have lots happening between now and Christmas!Hope the building work progresses on schedule … take careClive and gang

  2. Hey Becky and Clive thanks for the comments.Clive there was a slight problem with planning permission today but hopefully it can be sorted easily enough. I'm sure it will be the first of many small delays along the way, but that's all to be expected I'm told 🙂

  3. Awwww Oj when you move Jenifer isn't gonna leave you without a food bowl lol. The house is just getting fixed so that you and Jenifer can live there!! I have been a great big slacker and haven't listened to Stuarts podcast for ages and ages. Before class, in fact. I might go and listen now actually.Take care, and glad you had a good time with the other guide dog. Xxx.

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