Good stuff :)

I got an email a few days ago, telling me that the blog has received a “2010 Top 30 Vision Impaired Blogs award”, presented by Medical Billing and Coding!
Winners were chosen through a scoring system that included Internet
nominations, which came from my reader base.
I have no idea what that means, or what this is, but thank you anyway! 🙂
If your interested in blogs by blind and visually impaired writers, you can see the list of winners and their blogs

On the subject of good things, I just had an amazing weekend in Galway with my cousin. She lives right in the city centre, so we didn’t have to go far for anything. I didn’t take O.J because there was no grass close to her house. If I’d have known the weather was going to be so nice, we could have easily walked to find some when he needed it, but good weather in Ireland is a rare thing!
We had lovely Thai food in Thai Garden and the nicest pizza in the world in Milanos. We shopped and went to the market, and most importantly, we chatted a lot and just had fun. I got to see a few great pubs, and on Saturday we ended up in the Roisin, which I love. I was two days late though, as David Gray played a secret gig there on Arthursday.

The people in Galway are so friendly! I didn’t bring my cane, and none of the bouncers at the doors of the pubs thought I was drunk, which was a relief. Usually if they don’t know me, they tell me I’m not allowed in, and when I tell them I’m blind they nearly die with embarrassment. That didn’t happen at all this time.
It also seems like somewhere that wouldn’t be impossible to find your way around with a guide dog. Its busy but not too big. I think you’d have to be a student to live in the city centre though.
The best thing about leaving O.J was the enormous enthusiastic welcome back I got from him when I got home!

We’re going to Dublin on Thursday for a gig, and I’m in the studio for Lawler Live with
on Saturday. Tune in to
HKC radio
at 3 pm if you can. It would be great to have some participation from listeners to the show, who discovered it via the blog, so give us a shout on skype, msn or twitter if you can.


5 thoughts on “Good stuff :)

  1. Hi JenHuge congrats on the award – very well deserved.Your trip to Galway sounded great fun – haven't been to Galway all year and want to go now!take careFiona

  2. Well done on your award!!! Class!!!!! As feona says, it is deffinetly well deserved.I love those big shakes and waggy tails you get when you come home. Ushi does it if i'm downstairs and it's like "Oh my god!! You're back! Wag wag wag you're back! How could you leave me!" lol. Makes you feel so appreciated though lol.Take care, xxxxxxxx.

  3. well done!Does O.J only go on grass then?Same i love it too when you leave and come back to a very excited doggie, that goes for mornings too, Uma gets so excited when i wake up, my next door neighbour has even said she can hear Uma smacking her tail on my bed!

  4. Terri he very rarely goes on concrete, except in his dog run which is concrete. This is good because he'll try his best not to go on walks, even if he's absolutely dying to, but can be difficult when we're somewhere we're not familiar with and have to find grass.

  5. that sounds like Uma lol, she likes her pen but when were out she likes grass. Some times it has to be concrete as i go up to london and she takes forever to go and is really fussy about where but she does go in the end thank god

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