Another random off-topic post

This is mostly about music, a little bit about dogs, but just stuff that’s in my head so here goes!

We had a few days of gorgeous weather, and luckily I was off work for two of them. I love working 3 days at the beginning of the week and then being finished but it doesn’t always turn out that way.
I knew the dogs would be home alone for a while today so took them for a long walk yesterday. There’s a walk you can do from my house to the beach, then on a country road to my sister’s house. It takes almost an hour and a half to do, and is great because the dogs get to run on the beach for a small bit half way through. I’ve never done the whole thing on my own as its a bit tricky to get across the rocks coming off the beach to go towards my sister’s, but have no doubt O.J would learn it quickly if the surface wasn’t so rough. I decided to walk the dogs home after lunch and a bit of a rest. My parents passed me on the road and both dogs tried to race the jeep home. This was not good so I quickly had to calm them down. Of course they thought it was great fun!

My nephew was christened today and we had a lovely evening in my sister’s house after. I was so annoyed that I wasn’t at electric picnic, so took my ipod and tried to listen to some of the coverage that 2fm were broadcasting. My aunt had my cousin’s dog Charlie with her, who refused to get off the sofa beside me. He saw the cats in the garden and barked, making me jump and spill my drink all over my dress, my phone and my ipod. The three-year-old nephew thought it was all very funny, and I did too until I realised that the ipod won’t work anymore. Its sturdy enough so I’m surprised. I’m hoping maybe it will revive itself when I charge it. I have it for ages and want a new one anyway but have too many important things to buy first, so a new mp3 players far down the list.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to the picnic this year was to see The Frames. Yeah I know, I’ve seen them loads, but they haven’t played as a proper rock band in almost three years and are celebrating their 20th anniversary, so it was going to be special. I heard about half of their set on the radio and they sounded on top form.
This post
might give you an idea of how much I like them.
Their lead singer Glen Hansard is playing an unexpected gig in Dunlewy in Donegal on Thursday. I don’t know too much about it apart from the fact that he will be accompanied by Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh and Manus Lunny. Tickets were only 15 quid and its a small venue, so its going to be one of those rare opportunities, and a very special gig I’d imagine. A group of us are going, and still have absolutely no idea how we will get there and back, but that’s all part of the fun isn’t it?
Expect a very happy post from me on Friday. 🙂 🙂


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