Why do I blog?

This is a question I’ve asked myself a lot since I started keeping this diary of owning a guide dog three years ago.

When I started blogging, the idea was to keep a record of training with O.J and his progress. I didn’t think of it as a way of talking to new people. I didn’t think people would really care. If somebody discovered it and found it useful then that would be great.

Sometimes I wonder if its a bit strange or boring writing about my dog all the time. I have so many other things in my life apart from him. On the other hand, I like having a subject matter and a focus for the blog, because it means that I am less inclined to write about random off-topic things or write in too much detail. I like my privacy too, and I think sometimes people lose sight of that when they spend so much time online. I blog about other things I’ve been up too, and how O.J fits into my life and helps me to become more independent and do things I enjoy. That’s not saying I only read blogs similar to mine. I enjoy reading when people write about a wide variety of things, but I think if I did that, this blog could go in a very different direction, and not necessarily a good one.

I’m not the type of blogger who thinks, oh crap, I haven’t wrote something in two days, I must blog. In fact I don’t even have 200 posts yet, which isn’t much in three years. Still, I enjoy it enough to write something when I have something in mind, or when O.J does something important. I like the fact that people take time to leave comments if they agree/disagree with something I’ve said. I like how people on guide dog waiting lists have found it useful, and I have been able to follow their journey of getting a dog too. It’s always amazing when people who have no connection to blindness or guide dogs read what I write and enjoy it. My favourite thing is that O.J’s puppywalkers read sometimes, and are able to see how the dog that they put so much time and energy into when he was a pup is doing. They have the choice to read as much about him as they want too.

I wonder how long I will blog for? Will I read this someday and think why did I write all this stuff, and just delete it? Who knows, but for the meantime It is enjoyable, and O.J has a lot of work to do over the next number of years, so I’m not disappearing off the blogosphere just yet!


10 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. I'm glad you blog! I find it is a fun way to journal, express myself and love the getting to know others throughout the world! Here's to many more years of blogging šŸ˜€

  2. I have often wondered the same thing, to be honest. I tell myself that i don't really know who is reading, and plus, it might be helping someone out there.I enjoy blogging, and don't like blogging for the sake of it. I only do that ocationally, but mostly i do it for my own enjoyment, and it's good to look back and have that down on paper. I sometimes think that i write in too much detail, but i always read it loads to make sure that i'm not going into too much detail, and that i'm not breaking anyone's confidence or anything. That is why i don't actually mention the names of my instructors and that, when i write entries, as you just don't know who is reading.I think some people are very foolish when it comes to personal info. You sometimes get people putting loads of photos up on somewhere like facebook, and stuff like their phone number. You wouldn't go up to someone in the street and go "My phone number is……" now would you?If it wasn't for your blog, we probably wouldn't have got back in touch again!!! I always feel guilty if someone follows me but i don't read their blog. I like reading other guide dog blogs, as it is something in common. Sometimes even the guide dog blogs, aren't that exciting. Most are though.Sorry that was kind of a rant lol. Take care, and here's to many more blog entries!

  3. Hi, I really love your blog the way it is, but I'm not concerned any which way how you do your blog. I write my blog however I want and don't receive too many comments, but that's up to the reader(s), who I'm thinking probably don't really like the blog much these days because of some of my ranting in it. Maybe they do, I don't know. I'm not suggesting that lack of comments means lack of a liking for the blog. Maybe people like to read it without commenting, I can tell from the blog stats at the bottom of the page.Anyway, I don't think it should matter what you write in the blog. I mean, just because other people don't like it doesn't mean you must not write about a particular topic we might not like. I believe that what you write should be up to you only, unless of course you're having a discussion and you really need ideas… something like that. But just keep up with what you're doing because obviously something good is coming out of what you write here.I love reading blogs similar to mine, but I also read about people with illnesses and disabilities, jut to get their take on things, and the perspectives of families who have survivors/deceased family members and/or friends. It's like, we write about our disabilities and the rubbish we have to put up with as well as the good times, so I like to get some extra ideas from others in one way or another, to help them and to help me.So I hope you keep well and I'll be reading your blog for a very, very very very long time to come!Michelle

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