Operation O.J is complete!

I worked O.J today for the first time since his operation two and a half weeks ago. I didn’t want to overdo things, but he seemed in good form and had no objections to having his harness put back on.

Since his vet check-up last Friday, I’ve just been taking O.J for short 10-15 minute walks on his lead. Its great because he can walk a regular route around the beach and guide me, even though he has no harness on. He seemed tired at first when we were almost home, but by the beginning of this week I knew he was bored and wanted to get back to work again.

I got a lift to work on Tuesday but had to use the cane when I got off the bus yesterday. I haven’t used it in over three years, and even though I only had to walk three minutes, it was horrible. There’s an entrance into a car park just before the footpath and row of buildings where our office is. O.J always goes to the extreme left when we come to the entrance, and usually has to go right a bit to get us on to the footpath. He goes so much to the left that it almost annoys me. Pity I didn’t follow his example and do the same, because I missed the footpath and walked straight past. When I turned round to correct myself, the postman came over to see if I was okay and to ask where the dog was. We chatted for a while and he was going to the same building so I knew I was in the right place. He said he sees me every day but that the dog is so quick and confident when he’s working that he doesn’t want to interrupt.
O.J didn’t seem to mind being away from me at all until I started back at work. He refused to get into his bed in the morning when I was leaving. As if I didn’t feel guilty enough!

Today my aunt and I took my baby nephew for a walk from her house to town. We bought a few things and went for lunch. O.J was very alert and wasn’t distracted by the pram. I’ll just gradually lengthen his routes each day now until we’re back to normal.
He has lost a bit of weight in the last couple of weeks, and his appetite has just about returned to normal. He’s not exactly wolfing his food down proper lab style, but as long as it goes in and comes out the way its supposed to, I don’t care! One of the dogs did get sick earlier, and since they are both hyper and it was only a small bit, I’m not sure who it was.
My nephews are looking forward to helping me to bath O.J during the weekend. His coat is very lifeless and he’s shedding a lot of extra hair.
He has recovered well for all he has been through, and I’m very glad. Any operation is a big risk, but I think it was worth it in O.J’s case. Hopefully I will have a much happier and healthier dog from now on.


8 thoughts on “Operation O.J is complete!

  1. Pleased to hear O.J's getting better now.Uma really sticks as close as she possibly can to the left shore/building line, so feel your annoyance! I'm starting to get used to it now though.

  2. I am so glad that OJ has got better!!! I didn't think it was that long ago!!!!! I'm sure OJ is loving being back in harness lol.I would have got really panicky if i couldn't work out how to get back on track with the cane lol.Xxxxx, and OJ will have to meet the new girl in town soon!!

  3. Thanks folks :)Torie OJ might take a liking to her and then we'd be in big trouble! Most of the dogs he knows are either males or small yappy females, so this could be very interesting!

  4. Lol i never thought!!! I think she is spayed. Might have to check that out. Otherwise we could have some very naughty things going on while in harness!!!! That would be really scarey lol. Imagine how long she would have to be off work for lol. Xxxx

  5. Jen,One thing to know about dogs when they are approaching a destination, is that they will very often do a semi-circle (a "C,") as they approach their goal. This could be to the left or right of the goal, but it is ingrained in them, so O.J. probably wasn't leading you astray, he was doing what comes natural to him. When dogs approach each other, they often do this to signal that they mean no harm to the other dog.Just remember when using leash guiding, that sighted people don't know you're blind and your dog is a guide dog. Your dog also doesn't think of his work the same way out of harness as he does in harness. I have personally collided with people who were having their dog leash guide. Where the dog would have corrected and cleared for me in harness, it didn't clear me while it was just on leash.

  6. Lolly that's interesting about the semi-circle thing.I wouldn't take him for a walk for him to intentionally guide me perfectly without a harness, but since he was unable to work he had to get out and get fresh air somehow. I'm lucky that the area where I live has a walk that I know inside out, and often has no traffic or people so I don't have a problem walking there. I wouldn't bring him on a lead to town or somewhere busy unless I had a cane, but I just found it interesting how much he focused on where he was going and being careful. Usually he sees walking on a lead like a walk with a bit more freedom and gets very excited. Maybe he's just maturing now 🙂

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