Slowly getting better

O.J has been home one week now, and is healing well every day.

My aunt and sister drove to Belfast with me to collect O.J last Saturday afternoon. I was expecting him to be tired, in pain and not very lively, but he was the complete opposite- full of energy and very happy to see me. The vet was very helpful. He gave me his tablets, filled in the pet insurance form and vet reports for Cork and my local vet, and talked about the effects of the medication. The staff said that O.J was very easy to look after. They showed me how to put on the cone collar before I left, but he has hardly touched his wound and hasn’t needed it since.

O.J had to have two anti-biotics twice a day in his food. He ate no problem at the beginning with the tablets crushed up, but then refused to eat his food. I had to hide the tablets in chicken or meat, and got them into him with difficulty. He will eat Dougal’s food no problem. Its royal canin for small dogs, so not a million miles away from his own food. I’m happy enough for him to eat this while he’s taking medication, and I’ll just only feed him his own food when it finishes, so he’ll have no choice and eventually eat it.

I brought O.J to the vet for a check-up on tuesday, where he was given a liquid painkiller because the wound was still red. It has to be added to his food using a syringe once a day, so its a bit awkward that I can’t do it myself. He went for another check-up yesterday and the vet is happy enough not to give him anymore medication. That’s a sign he’s definitely getting better. She said that the wound was the neatest she’s ever seen, so the vet in Belfast really did a great job. I’m sure his appetite will return to normal soon and he’ll be back working in a week or so. He’s been going for short walks on his lead, but I know that if he was allowed, he’d be back working today.

People have been constantly asking me how I’m managing without being able to work my guide dog. I honestly haven’t noticed it too much because I’ve been so busy recently. I was out all last weekend at the Buncrana music festival (which was amazing and deserves a post of its own), had some radio work to do during the week, and had a wedding on Thursday. Its frustrating not being able to go somewhere when I want, and there are times when I’d just love to go for a long relaxing walk on my own. My parents are away now for a few weeks, so I’m depending on lifts more often, but people are very helpful. I’m back to work on Tuesday so that should be interesting. Wonder where my cane is?


7 thoughts on “Slowly getting better

  1. I'm glad that he is getting better. Good luck for work on Tuesday!!! I hope it all goes well for you. I'm so glad he is in such good form.At least now they are out, you won't have to worry about the glands again.Xxxxxxx, and make sure you find that cane!!!

  2. Glad he is on the road to recovery. Hard to be without him — sounds like you had a busy week, which maybe was helpful in not missing him as much. I know it can feel like part of you is missing!

  3. Thanks everyone.He finished his painkiller this evening so no more medication left. He seems to be finally eating his own food again, even if it is very slowly! I gave him his first proper groom since he came home, and I think we are both glad its done.

  4. Bet there was alot of hair lol!!!!!! Hopefully it won't be long now until you are able to work him again. I bet you'll just take him for a really long one when you can.Xxxx

  5. Sorry we have been so bad about visiting lately – what with the holidays and then Clive getting sick – we have been really bad at visiting our favourite blogs.We were so sorry to read that OJ has been through the wars – glad to hear that he is recovering well now.take careFiona

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