Update on O.J

As most regular readers already know, O.J went to Belfast to have his anal glands removed on Monday. I got the bus up with my PA and got a taxi to the vet in East Belfast. The taxi driver was friendly and waited until we were finished without charging us any extra. We didn’t spend long in there, and O.J left with the assistant, wagging his tail and not looking back. There’s a lot to be said for getting your dog familiar with other people and not always spending time with you. Sometimes you just don’t have a choice. The fact that O.J went away happy meant I was relaxed leaving him too. He was referred to a specialist vet in Belfast so I knew he was in safe hands.

The plan was that he’d stay until Wednesday to give him time to recover encase anything went wrong. I rang that evening to see how things were. The vet said that O.J had just woke up and was looking around him. The left gland which was giving him the most problems was difficult to remove so they were afraid of infection. He said he was glad that I left him in, and said that deciding to have them removed was a very good decision in O.J’s case, as he would have had more serious problems sooner or later.

I rang back the following evening to hear less positive news. The wound were the left gland was removed had bled and needed to be stiched again, so O.J was put under anisthetic again on Monday night. On Wednesday morning the vet advised me to leave him at least another day, as his wound was annoying him so he was constantly trying to itch it. He was afraid that if I took him home he would take out his stiches, and then we’d have trouble.

When I rang this morning (phone calls at the same time each day must drive the receptionist crazy by now) there was a slight improvement, but the vet still wasn’t ready to take any chances. O.J is eating and seems relaxed and not so uncomfortable. The wound looks like its healing well. . There’s a chance he could get home tomorrow, or definitely Saturday.

Its horrible not having him around the house, and of course we miss him, but I know he’s better staying there until he’s ready to come home. He won’t be working for a while anyway, and the more rest he gets without Dougal pestering him to play, the better!


6 thoughts on “Update on O.J

  1. Awwwww poor boy. I hope he deffinetly gets home soon. Can't be much fun. At least he's eating and that which is good.I hope he doesn't miss working too much.Take care, xxx

  2. Poor Buddy!! There is a lot to be said for having a dog that is relaxed in all situations! I hope this second time goes much better and he can come home soon!~Erin & Guide Pup Pompei

  3. Try and be patient Jen – a couple of extra days to make sure he is 100% will be well worth it. I'm sure all will be fine. Think of how much better he will be when he is all healed again.

  4. Poor OJ. I know it's tough to be without him. Better to let him stay there and get healed up though, so you won't have problems when he does come home.

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