Things we’ve been up to

Last week was another busy one for us. Our visitors went home at the beginning of the week and the house returned to some kind of normality.
On Wednesday eight of us from work went to Dublin for the protest against cuts towards people with disabilities that inclusion Ireland had organised. It was a long day, and we were only in Dublin for less than four hours, but since I work with the biggest service provider for people with disabilities in Donegal, I couldn’t really say no.
Everyone knows that the Irish government are a joke, and don’t give a crap about protests like this going on outside the Mansion house. They see them regularly so I don’t think they pay much attention. They have said that they are not going to make any more financial cuts, but the ones they have already made are rediculous. One of the Donegal TDS did come out to talk to us, but the boys who make the big decisions stayed inside and pretended to do important work.

Our group was at the back of the protest so it was relaxed. We met lots of people who were very supportive. One woman just heard it on the news and came to lend her support. Another woman gave sweets to people in the crowd. We heard Maureen, the mother of Orla being interviewed on the radio on the way down to Dublin. She wrote a letter to the minister for health, on behalf of her severely disabled daughter, and she happened to pass us and came over for a chat. If you haven’t read her letter, its heartbreaking but worth a read if you can find it online.
I was interviewed for a radio station and my supervisor managed to get herself on the 6:1 news that evening. O.\J and our t-shirts (which showed that we were from Donegal) attracted a lot of attention.

I went to a kids play place on Friday. I went in first with my nephew Danny, who quickly told the receptionist that “O.J is a guide dog so he’s a special dog, so He’s allowed in here.” He was warning her in advance, just encase she tried to stop him. Very cute! The children in there loved O.J, but we escaped after an hour to go to Derry and get the money for his operation on the 19th. The girl in the bank didn’t expect me to be able to put in my PIN number myself at first and asked if I had “any sort of ID like a passport or driving licence” with me. Hang on a minute til I get out my driver’s licence! I’m a great driver you know!

O.J and I walked 5 K yesterday for a local primary school. We walked with my aunt and it was good fun. I just walked O.J on his lead so he wouldn’t have to do any work and he seemed to enjoy that.
My cousin came out this morning to ask me if I’d be her son’s Godmother. I wasn’t expecting it at all and am very happy. I am my oldest nephew Jack’s Godmother, but he’s almost twelve, so it will be nice to start buying special baby and small boy presents every year again. He’s six weeks older than my nephew Harry so I’ll be able to take them places together when they are older (I’m not good with small babies!)

I’m listening to the brilliant coverage of Oxygen on 2fm now. I really wish I was there!
Because of Oxygen, I didn’t go to the pub to watch the world cup final with my parents. I want Spain to win, just because it will make Javier so happy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Things we’ve been up to

  1. Did I hear something about 2FM cutting their coverage short? There's one great thing about being a god parent. It even helps with small babies. When they cry, you hand them back. Seriously. It is the best thing ever. As soon as the first was escapes, you turn to mammy and say here. I think this is for you. Makes me smile every time.

  2. I'm no good with crying babies either Darragh. That's why I don't mind watching them from 3 onwards!2fm finished coverage at 12 last night and didn't broadcast any Eminem or Mumford and sons even though they were the headliners. They could have been broadcast on 2xm I didn't check. Still, it was nice to be able to listen and not get soaking wet.

  3. Glad to see you're still enjoying the driving lol. You should have given her OJ's passport when she asked – probably wouldn't have caught on. Such sad,sad news today about Buncrana/Clonmany, may all the people cope with the sadness of this tragedy.

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