Proper Tourists!

My brother and his future mother in law convinced me to ask for Tuesday off work (at 5 pm on Monday evening) to go to Dublin with them. I would usually never think about asking off at such short notice, but my coleagues reminded me that when my brother leaves at the weekend, I don’t know when I’ll see him again.

We got the bus to Dublin on Tuesday morning. Its a journey that O.J is very familiar with by now. We had a lovely lunch in the Thai Orchid restaurant before checking into our hotel. It was one O.J and I stayed in about six months ago, so he was familiar with the layout and learned where our room was quickly. It is located close to the
Guinness storehouse
so we decided to do the tour. I don’t like guinness but it was very interesting to learn how it is made. We only had to pay for two tickets, because apparently “my carer” can go free. Strange logic. Why not just give the person with the disability the free entry? Anyway, when you reach the top floor, you get a free pint in the gravity bar, which has great views of Dublin city, well so I’m told anyway. O.J even tried to have a taste of the black stuff.

After the guinness tour we got on an open-air Dublin tour bus and did part of the tour around the city. I’ve only ever done this in London, and wouldn’t have even thought about it if we didn’t have a tourist from Thailand with us. We made it back to our hotel to watch the second half of a world cup match, I think it was Spain V Portugal. The hotel room was so uncomfortably warm! The windows had been opened and a fan blowing cold air was on all day, but they told us we couldn’t get air-con unless we upgraded to a suite. If I knew it was going to be that difficult to sleep, I think I would have upgraded. It was rediculous, especially when there was a dog in the room, who was clearly not happy with the heat either.

We were up early because we couldn’t sleep anyway, and did more of the city tour, as well as a look around Trinity college and the shops. It was nice having a relaxing day to do nothing, and the weather was perfect. I felt like a proper tourist! O.J was brilliant, and had no problem with the amount of walking, getting on and off buses, up and down small stairs, and the amount of people who admired him. He does have a problem having to follow people all the time when he doesn’t know exactly where we are going. He usually wants to lead if I’m walking in a group, so he’ll be happy to get back to familiar routes at home tomorrow.


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