I’ve made my decision

You might remember back in November I talked about OJ’s
anal gland problem.
Seven months later and they haven’t got any better. They’ve got a lot worse and have to be emptied every three weeks. He’s gotten really good at going to the vet now. He goes in and finds the room no problem, stands on the weighing scales, then lets the vet work with him even though its obviously very painful. Bran, fruit and veg added to his food hasn’t helped the glands much, so I’ve made the decision to have them removed.

The vets in Derry have been very helpful during the last year since the problem began. The owner has insisted that I never pay for treatment or injections. He has left the final decision up to me, but offering advice and being very supportive at the same time. He said that they have only done a few of these operations in Derry, and recommended referring O.J to a vet in Belfast who would be more experienced. I really appreciate their honesty, because if they’d have done it themselves I wouldn’t have known any different.

I rang
Earlswood vet
in Belfast and they said they would do it no problem. They just needed confirmation from Irish guide dogs to go ahead. Julie from kennels rang me when she spoke to them, and the senior vet who will do the operation rang me to have a chat. Everything seems well organised so far, and they are happy to let him stay there to recover for as long as I want him to.

Luckily I have pet insurance. It sometimes seems pointless paying these things, but worth it when things like this happen. I have to pay for everything and then claim it back because they can’t claim insurance in the South from Northern Ireland. The operation costs the same amount that I’ve paid in insurance during the last two years.

O.J is having the glands removed on the 19th of July. I needed to pick a time when I know I can work without him for a couple of weeks at least. We’re both busy until then. Its going to be difficult, but luckily I have a few things on then that I wouldn’t be bringing him to anyway.
I just hope everything goes okay and he recovers well. Every dog owner I’ve spoken to hasn’t had any problems afterwards, but if something did happen I’d feel terrible.
I really hope I’ve made the right decision.


11 thoughts on “I’ve made my decision

  1. Good luck to OJ with his surgery. I'm sure it will all be fine. Not long after they were partnered a friend of mine had to have her first guide dog's anal glands removed, and I know they were both a lot happier (and the dog was a lot healthier) afterward. Also, I'm very glad your insurance will help with the cost of OJ's surgery. I've read many articles about how pet insurance (in the U.S.) is a waste of money, because they never actually cover any of the serious/emergency procedures a pet may need.

  2. I'm sure he will be grand. I'm glad you got the right information from the vets. They could have just said that they would do it.At least you won't need him that much then in July. I will be thinking of him that day, and hopefully it will go well.Do they know why it happens some dogs and not others?Take care, and hope it goes well. Xxx.

  3. Hi, you are making the right decision. Ralph has not had to have this done but its clear that you or OJ isn't happy with the situation at the moment so I am sure that having this opporation will give him a better life. Its good that you will have things to do when he is recovering and that you wil be able to manage without him although I know that won't be easy either.

  4. wish him luck and hope all goes well, Uma has this problem too but i have been advised strongly by the uk guide dogs to not get it done for some reason. I'm hoping to have them flushed soon and intibiotics put in but for now just have to have them emptied each month.

  5. Thanks everyone for the support :)I'll let you know how it goes and how he recovers, and how I get on finding my way around without him. We're going to Dublin and Galway during the next couple of days (just decided an hour ago) and we have lots to keep us busy until operation time.Terri vets have very different opinions and it can be confusing to know what to do.

  6. Good luck OJ – so embarrassing when Jen tells the world about your little personal problems but we know she loves you and is worried about you. Just let her know that you will be fine and feel a lot better afterwards. Give her our love too. xx

  7. Good Luck to OJ I am sure he will be fine but like you I would be beside myself if anything happened so your not the only one, hope you will be able to cope without him, I bet it will be very, very difficult for both of you to be away from each other, I just cant imagine it really it must be so hard but hopefully it will be for the better and that OJ will feel alot happier and healthier too. We will be thinking of you both during that time xxx

  8. John OJ is used to me embarrassing him by now, but he does it to me a lot too. The other day in Dublin I took him to grass to pee. A group of girls standing at a bus stop were admiring him from a distance and he did the biggest poo in the world! My brother was nearly sick, and needless to say, the girls turned away.Thanks for the replies and all the advice people have given. I think the break from each other will do us both good.

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