Happy sixtieth!

My dad turned sixty last Friday (18th June), which was the reason my brother came home from Afghanistan. We organised a surprise party for him, so we had to keep him out of the house all day while my aunts and sister got the house ready. He told us later that he had an idea that something was going on, but having a visitor from Thailand to entertain meant that we had to do some scenic tours of Donegal and it was a great distraction.

My mum finished teaching at twelve and we drove to
Grianan of aileach
for a look around. O.J had a run around too and tried to do a bit of rock climbing because my dad and brother were up getting photos. He soon realised that that was not a good idea and my brother had to help him down encase he hurt his legs. Crazy dog!
we ended up in
Glenveagh National Park
The weather was perfect, and its a lovely area of Donegal that I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember seeing before. We did the tour of the castle, looked around the gardens, had coffee in the sun and took lots of photos!

We came home at eight to a packed house, lots of food and drink and music from a playlist I had made the day before. The party went great and my dad was delighted. A few people came from London and his brother came up from Dublin, and everybody helped to make it really special. Dougal stayed with a lady in our town who watches people’s dogs, but O.J was in the middle of all the action. He spent the night out on the decking chewing a bone, on his lead or in my brother’s room where Jack had set up his playstation. One of the party guests even took him for a walk down the road before she started dancing.

We had lots of food left over, so around twenty people came back for dinner on Saturday. There were four dogs there too, but they had raw hyde bones instead.
A couple who were at the party offered to take my dad out on their boat, so twelve of us went sailing on Sunday morning. It was great fun but very cold! I left O.J behind encase he either got seasick or tried to jump out and go for a swim. We

We had lots of visitors to the house all week. My brother cooked us some lovely thai meals from his restaurant menu, and I went for dinner with work coleagues on Wednesday night. I went to get dog food and walked O.J yesterday. My dad only got his present from us (his three children) last night because we’ve been so busy. We got him a bike and he really likes it.

Today I’m in work and the rest of the family are taking the ferry to Northern Ireland and going for a drive, ending up in Belfast to shop. I’m jealous! Even Dougal got a day out too. I’m not sure what plans are for the weekend yet, but no doubt we’ll be busy. Its amazing how much you do when you have visitors to entertain and any excuse to celebrate.


10 thoughts on “Happy sixtieth!

  1. Fun – Love surprising people. Happy 60th to your dad. Sorry you've got to be at work today while they are having fun. Hope you have a great weekend and how nice your brother could come home.

  2. Awwww glad you all had a good time. Tell your dad happy birthday!!!! OJ probably wondered what the craic was with all the people there lol.For some reason on my followers of my blog, it used to say that you were following, but you seem to have disappeared! Pritty weird.You'll have to come on skype sometime again!Awww do you know any blind quilters? Am thinking of starting a course in Sept for 6 weeks, and want to find out what the craic would be.Xxxx

  3. Yeah it was a week of partying!Torie I'm still getting your updates anyway so not sure why I'm not showing up on your followers list. I did unfollow your wordpress blog since you don't use it anymore but don't see how that would affect it.I don't know any quilters. Haven't got a clue about anything like that. Sorry!

  4. Oh you mean my live journal one? I'm still getting your updates, but you just aren't showing up on followers.Oh don't worry. I might just give the course a go and see what happens. Cheers anyway. Xxx

  5. Have you considered the fact that this might work another way? I am wondering if anyone else has come across something like this in the past? Let me know your thoughts…

  6. I have some videos that say “includes third party content” and others that say “blocked in some countries” (due to copyright).. Is it still possible for me to become a partner (considering I have all of the other requirements filled).

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