Subject = none in particular

*This is one of those posts about nothing in particular*
I need to think of titles for those.

World cup fever has gripped the nation again. The most annoying thing about this is not that Ireland aren’t in it, but those bloody vuvuzelas. They sound like a constant swarm of bees and are driving me crazy. I don’t like football, so when I try to listen to a match they are the only thing I can hear. Please please make them stop!
My family did a draw to pick teams tonight. There were 8 of us and we picked 4 teams each. We only put in a fiver each because Jack is only eleven and didn’t want to put in any more money. I drew France, Greece, Chile and the USA. Not sure how lucky I’ll be but at least I’ll have a bit more interest in following the matches now.

My brother came home from Afghanistan last night and his future mother in law (who I’ve never met) is coming tomorrow to stay with us. More about why they are here soon. Last week was a horrible week so its nice to have visitors to cheer us up. We have lots to keep us busy and a good weekend to look forward to. I’m off work until next week, so trying to find time to plan radio stuff and walk the dogs every day too.

Please take a few minutes to read Darragh’s excellent post about

Torie has moved her blog to blogger, and you can find it and follow her at:

Finally, I bought ‘Dog Training Mastery, An Owner’s Manual’ last week. I have enquired about dog behaviour and training courses or something I could study in that area, and haven’t heard much feedback, so thought this might be something to read through in the meantime. Its an online publication, so no books or audio cds involved. It might put me off the subject completely, but I won’t know until I start reading.


6 thoughts on “Subject = none in particular

  1. Thanks Jenifer for the mention. I'm so glad i switched to Blogger.I'm glad you are having a better week. Not nice when you feel all down and stuff.I hope you and Oj are enjoying the nice weather.So the dog training books- are you gonna train your own dog?Take care, xx

  2. Torie dog training is always something I've been interested in, but can't say I'd want to do it professionally yet. I want to learn a bit more about it, and Dougal is very naughty so I have a good dog to practice obedience training on!We are enjoying the weather and have been busy recently (I will find time to write about it eventually.) Hope you are well. x

  3. I'm grand thanks.Awww class. You could become a guide dog mobility instructor! I wonder would they let you do that loll?My friend has got a group of friends to do the Malan head to Masinhead cycle for our district team of guide dogs. She only decided to do it on Friday!I hope you enjoy reading up on dog training. It's fascinating.Xxx

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