Always paying attention

O.J often looks like he’s fast asleep, sometimes snoaring quietly, or lying on his back with his four paws in the air (he has no shame!)
Don’t be fooled though, this dog doesn’t miss much!

In the office he can associate different sounds with what’s going to happen next. When I put the phone on the answering machine it beeps twice. O.J immediately jumps up, because he knows we are going for lunch or moving from the desk. When I don’t need to bring him I’ll tell him to lie down again and he usually sighs loudly at me in disgust.
If I’m wearing headphones to edit some audio, he’ll lift his head when I take them off, wondering what I’m going to do next.
When Windows makes the sound to indecate that the computer is shutting down, O.J jumps up and gets all excited. That means I’m finished with the computer so O.J will try and get my attention before something else does.

Apart from the sound of his bowl, or me opening the container where I keep the dog food, O.J’s favourite sound is the bell on his play collar. I put it on when we’re going to the beach so that I know where he is and what he’s up too all the time (if the bells quiet that means he’s sniffing or eating something he shouldn’t be!) When he hears it he goes absolutely insane!

Maybe I should try and educate him about good music next. I’ve heard of dogs who whine when they hear tv theme tunes etc, so I’m sure its possible.

O.J, wag your tail when you hear Bruce, Christy or the frames. Stay snoaring when you hear westlife. Good boy!


5 thoughts on “Always paying attention

  1. LOL what a perceptive boy OJ is. I remember when I had AOL it would say "Good bye" on sign off and my dog at the time would get up from his position under the computer desk and be all ready to go!James now knows when my friend Li calls on the phone and when I say "See you in a minute" to her (and only her!) on the phone (because she is calling me from the corner to pick me up so we can go somewhere) he immediately gets all excited and bouncy.These dogs are amazing. 🙂

  2. Awwwwww class. My friend says that she always feeds her dog around half 4 every day. She says that even when the clocks change, he always knows that it's dinner time. It's strange that dogs are so attentive.One of the people i teach braught his dog into Cedar today. Something must have scared him, because when the doors opened (you push a button and they kind of buzz while they open) But anyway he sort of let out like a low growl. So i don't think he likes the doors!!!Xxxx

  3. The bell is a great idea! Sounds like OJ is a wonderful guide and they become so tuned in to all the sounds and routines of our day. Amazing!

  4. Jen, I'm new to your blog. I found you through Beth Finke's blog. I noticed you said you are looking for books, or reading on training dogs. That's an interest of mine as well. I have a business to help guide dog handlers learn more about how dogs think, learn and behave. The URL is: it's dormant, but there is still good info on the site for handlers about retirement, adoption, euthinasia and imminent death of guide dogs. I'd be interested to know what kind of material you're looking for?Glad to know you're here!

  5. Hi Lolly! Glad you found the blog and are enjoying it. I noticed your site on Beth's but never had a look at it (I'll do that now.) Thanks.Jen

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