I had to post something short today, because its June 3rd 2010, the day my third nephew was born.
He was born this morning just after eleven, and thankfully himself and his mum are doing great. I got to meet him when he was just over three hours old. He’s the youngest baby I’ve ever seen, but not the smallest as he was quite a big boy! He’s gorgeous!
Hopefully he’ll have a name soon 🙂 at the minute his mum, dad and two brothers can’t agree on one.

The dogs were neglected for most of the day because we were at the hospital, and O.J threw up while we were gone. Jealousy doesn’t get you anywhere mister! You should know that by now! I took them to the beach to make up for it.
Everybody is happy now.

I took my oldest nephew for lunch yesterday, and bought the three-year-old (who was the baby until today) two of
Benji Bennett’s
books, which are worth buying if you’ve got children. The inspiration behind them is beautiful, as is the message that you should always make extra time for your children and tell them that you love them.


7 thoughts on “Exciting!

  1. JenCongrats on the birth on your new nephew! We had a new baby in our extended family this week as well – my cousin had a little boy also! Murray was delighted to go into the hospital and visit 'Charlie' yesterday!Hope OJ was okay – we always worry when Clive gets sick!take careFiona

  2. Thanks everyone.The baby's still got no name! I finally got to hold him today. My sisters being very good about not letting people lift him when he's asleep, and he's so well behaved so far!Fiona I hope Charlie is doing well. I love that name.Torie he was 8,13 so a big boy!

  3. Lol!!! My little bro was 10 pounds!!!!I'm having some more blogger probs. I can link to previous entries, but when i click on them after i have posted, they say "page not found". I've checked and tripple checked but they won't work. I can get them when i go to that year. I can also click on other links that i have posted, just not my own entries. What could be the problem?Xxx thanks.

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