Is it June already?

Where did the first half of the year go!

I went to Galway on Saturday morning for the Craol Feile, an annual training event for people involved in community radio. It was my first time attending, and only four people from each station could go. Flirt FM in Galway hosted the event this year, and they organised it very well. The training sessions were useful and I learned some good tips, especially for documentary making.
Everyone was very friendly, and a few people in particular were great at guiding me around if I needed help. I met the manager of a station who have a blind volunteer starting work with them soon. I was able to tell him how I worked in the station, and passed on my contact details to him, and he rang me last night.
We stayed in
hotel, which is a short drive from the university where the training took place. The staff were lovely and helpful and the food was great.
The hotel staff, radio trainees and general members of the public who were staying in the hotel loved O.J, and he managed to get himself into many photographs. He was a good example of an almost perfect guide dog all weekend, quiet and relaxed during a busy couple of days of travelling, moving from room to room, being around lots of food and people, and having no idea where he was going most of the time.

Yesterday was my second week of disability awareness training with primary school children as part of my work. It went very well, and the children put a lot of effort into the homework I gave them the week before. They were very attentive, and asked lots of questions about everything, not just guide dogs. This is great because the aim of the training is to discuss a variety of disabilities, not just blindness, so its good to have O.J there but not always being the centre of attention.

Our Spanish student Javier is going back to Spain on Thursday morning. He’s been with us since September and I’m going to miss having him around. He’s like a little brother and we have had great fun during the last nine months. He celebrated his fourteenth birthday with us yesterday, and was happy with the greenday CD/DVD I gave him as a present. He enjoyed the radio station so much when I took him in February, that I promised him We’d do another show. We’re going to do that with his friend Joaquin tomorrow. Two crazy teenagers in a studio, wish me luck!

Thursday is also going to be a very exciting day for my family, but more about that another time 🙂


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