Guest post: paws for thought invades 2uibestow

This week paws for thought invades

Peter Nagle’s music blog
is one of my favourite places to find information on Irish music. He has an obvious passion for it, and his reviews of gigs, new bands and new music are great.
He recently asked me to be a guest blogger on the site, and you can read my posts every day this week.
Thanks Peter for giving me the opportunity to try guest blogging for the first time.


4 thoughts on “Guest post: paws for thought invades 2uibestow

  1. I was the same as you really. I loved the sound of my own voice when i was younger, and would often sit in front of the tape recorder just talking and doing silly stuff. I would sometimes get other people to talk too lol.When i got older i wanted to record me singing songs from a CD, which didn't really work. I created loads of tapes with loads of different combinations of just songs, and sometimes just adverts lol.Now i don't really record that much thank god.Good post as always. Xxx Was going to post on Peter's blog, but he has a capcha so i can't.

  2. No I wanted to be a dj because I loved music, but hated my own voice and still hate it now even though I love radio.If you click on the audio link it plays the numbers but they are easy enough to hear. Go on, leave him a comment!

  3. The fifth post was posted today. Thanks so much Peter for giving me the chance to write. I probably could have posted something more interesting so hopefully they were ok.

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