I haven’t posted here in a while, and the blog died for a couple of days for no logical reason, so appologies to anyone who missed it! Thanks to the people who wondered if we were Okay and where we’d disappeared to.

More tragic and important than my blog dying, was the death of Ireland’s most popular radio broadcaster Gerry Ryan yesterday. I still can’t really believe it. Gerry presented a talk show from 9-12 every weekday morning on RTE 2fm for 22 years, and he will be a great loss to our country. I didn’t listen to him much, but when you did, it was clear that he was tallented, intelligent, humourous and knew how to connect with his audience. He could move from a serious topic to a rediculous one in seconds, and he wasn’t afraid to be contravertial and give his opinion. Like him or hate him, there’s a lot to be said for an honest broadcaster. Listening to the tributes on radio in the last 24 hours, the texts and calls from listeners, and the feature on last night’s late late show was heartbreaking. He often spoke about his family, in particular his five children who he adored, so I’m sure its very difficult for them.
I was interviewed on a local radio station last week (not my finest moment on radio) and one of the girls in work joked yesterday that the manager would have me on with Gerry Ryan next. Unfortunately I was never lucky enough to meet him, but apparently he was very generous and helpful to young broadcasters. I would have loved to have gotten some advice from someone as good at their job as he was.
RIP Gerry.

O’J has been busy recently, going to work, radio stations, a fundraising concert for the station I work in, and a book launch in the local primary school. I bought him a furminator, which if you haven’t used one before is the best grooming tool for a dog like O.J. Its a comb that removes all the dead hair under the top coat, hair that you couldn’t remove as quickly with an ordinary comb. I like it almost as much as the brand new Josh Ritter album! Its brilliant!

My mum is running another second-hand shop in our town, starting in a couple of weeks. She had hoped to start it during shades week, but better late than never. She’s running it for three or four weeks depending on how well it goes, and the money raised will be split between four charities, which all mean something to us and our family: Irish guide dogs, the MS society, a local Altzheimer’s unit and suicide aware.I’ll let everyone know how well it does.


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Good to hear from you! So sorry to hear of the passing of what sounds like a great mentor and person. On a lighter note — absolutely LOVE the furminator too. When I do it regularly, notice a big difference of the amount of hair that is flying around!

  2. Hi good to see your blo is back, i wondered where you had gone.I love the FURminator too but one tip be very careful with it! Even when i was being extremely gentle i managed to injure Uma a few times. Uma is a golden retriever x lab but has more of a lab kind of coat but her neck and lower body are retriever. Oj is probabily hairier than Uma though? The amount of hair that comes off them is amazing.

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