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Tomorrow is my last day of an amazing work placement in a radio station. I applied in February and was sure that I wouldn’t get the work experience, since lots of people apply. It was a great introduction to radio, and allowed me to see all the different jobs that people can have. Everyone is so friendly and even the reporter who doesn’t like dogs loved OJ. We were both looked after so well and nothing was inaccessible. Jaws was put on three different computers before I even got there, and people were always offering help whenever I had to find my way around, without being patronising either.
I did some recording and had my 15 minutes of fame yesterday! You can listen to it here for the next 6 days:

Some places I’ve been to in the last week weren’t as accepting of guide dogs. Before Gift Grub on Saturday we were going to go to an Indian restaurant for dinner. We knew that Indian people are sometimes not too fond of dogs because of their culture, so my sister thought it would be best to check with the restaurant before we went in. After a bit of confusion, the member of staff finally realised what a guide dog was. He wanted to know, would people be with them? My sister was tempted to tell him that no, they were eating alone, but thought that it was best not to confuse him anymore, and we all went somewhere else for dinner.

Tonight my mum and I had to visit a relative in a centre for people with dimentia, and she suggested that I take OJ because this person loves dogs. Its a nice homely place, and residents have their own bedrooms as well as a communal area. O.J and I hardly got inside the door when the nurse ran out from behind the desk and said that O.J had to leave. We explained that he was a guide dog, encase she just wasn’t aware that dogs are allowed access, but she said that patients might be afraid. She suggested that I left him outside and the person could come to the door to see him. While this was going on, two or three other patients saw O.J and came up to pet him and talk to him. They said how nice he was and how much they loved dogs, and at that point nobody could tell him to stay outside.

I completely understand the nurse’s point, and if patients were afraid or unhappy I would have left O.J in the car no problem. It was just her unpleasant tone, and the abrupt assumption that they wouldn’t like him, without giving us a chance to get in the door that surprised us.

I’m off to Dublin tomorrow evening for
Stuart Lawler’s show
on Hkc radio on Saturday, between 3 and 5 pm. Listen in if you can, and please please contact us!


5 thoughts on “On the radio

  1. Can't understand that nurse at all Jen – must have got out of bed on the wrong side!!! I am actually visiting my uncle every night in a nursing home and they have actually asked my cousin to bring her dog in as they say it gives a great boost to the patients when someone brings one in!!!

  2. She must have John. I hope your uncle is okay these days.Its always interesting to see how elderly people or people with disabilities like autism react to OJ. I've had the shiest kids in the school come up and ask me about him, or just talk to him without talking to anyone else and the teachers are always impressed. Dogs are so much easier to talk to than humans sometimes.No offence!!

  3. Oh my goodness, nurse! Glad you had such positive experience — dogs are incredible on what they can do for people. Your radio experience sounds amazing!

  4. ghted to hear about your positive experience with radio, just sorry i didn't check your blog earlier, I am past the six day deadline to hear your 15 minutes of fame. I'm sure it was stellar!

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