Gift Grub

It was “infacta, gift!!”
My sister took OJ and I to Letterkenny to meet OJ’s brother Ozzy and his owner Danny. We all went for dinner (the dogs didn’t eat of course) and we went to the
Aura leisure centre
were Gift Grub was being performed. I’ve never been there before but its a nice venue. Ivan and the security staff there couldn’t have been more helpful. They took us to our seats, brought us drinks and checked on us several times before, during and after the performance. My sister didn’t go, so it was great to have the option of help if we needed it.

The performance itself was very funny. There’s no point in really explaining it, as its the type of thing you need to see for yourself. It was quite visual, and since both of us can’t see a thing we missed out on some things. Mario Rosenstock is a funny funny man though, and there were lots of video clips of the characters who apparently “couldn’t make it to Letterkenny” to keep us entertained during costume changes. Its basically a one man show, but there was some great interaction with the audience, and a few people were taken on stage. OJ tried to get petted when one of the characters was picking someone from the audience, but I quickly pulled him away and I don’t think Mario noticed him.
Ian Dempsey from Today fm was there, but unfortunately he didn’t make an appearance on stage. I could just hear him talking when they were setting up the stage, because we were in before the rest of the audience.

We got a lift home with my cousins, and it was a bit of a squeeze to get both dogs in the car. We sat chatting for ages when we got home, and all three dogs got on fine. Ozzy is hiper compared to O.J.
Next morning, 4 adults, 3 children and 3 dogs all went to the beach. The weather was amazing and none of us wanted to go home!


One thought on “Gift Grub

  1. JenGreat to read about OJ meeting up with Ozzy! We met Clive's brother Clint regularly and we really enjoy seeing the pair of them together – although sometimes Clive gets a bit grumpy with Clint!Glad you enjoyed Mario – he's very funny!take careFiona

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