I hate thinking of titles!

so I won’t.
The last week has been really busy for us. My parents are on holiday so me and the dogs have had the house to ourselves but we’ve hardly been home. Apart from having to buy a new fridge, things have gone grand.

On Easter sunday after dinner with my granny and cousins, I went to a fundraising concert for guide dogs that a friend organised. It consisted of performances by 14 local acts, a raffel, an auction and a disco. It went very well and made over 5 grand as far as I know. O.J was the only dog there so I was like a babysitting service for the kids who sat near the front. I had to go on stage with two other guide dog owners to talk about having dogs and pick out tickets for the door prises. The shame!

O.J got lots of attention at my nephew’s third birthday party the next day. We had a few nice walks during the week and learned a new route today. I’m doing a work placement next week for one week only. I won’t say too much about it here now but I’m going to really enjoy it so I can’t wait. Hopefully we get there easily enough on Monday.
Speaking of work, it looks like i’ll be doing this reception job for another while. It might be three days one week and two the next so I don’t mind. I’m getting involved with some interesting work there and its not like there are any jobs out there to apply for. Also the fact that this time next year I will hopefully be living in my own house means that I really need to save money.

OJ’s brother is coming to visit us tomorrow. Him and his owner haven’t been hear in a couple of years. We’re going to see
Gift Grub
in Letterkenny. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, Gift Grub is a series of short comic pieces broadcast on weekdays on the breakfast show of the Irish commercial radio station Today FM. The characters in the pieces are based on real people, generally local and international celebrities and political figures, and are mainly voiced by mimic Mario Rosenstock. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Gift Grub last year, they decided to perform the show live, and it went from Dublin and is now touring nationwide with great reviews.
John I know Jedward are in Derry but I bought these tickets first!


One thought on “I hate thinking of titles!

  1. OK then – if you're not going to Jedward then neither will I !!!! Hope the egg was good though. Great to see OJ at work today. Keep well. xx

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