Talking about dogs

I finally got my plextalk pocket recorder last week. Its an accessible recorder, just a bit bigger than a mobile phone, that records high quality WAV files, which is what i need for editing. I’ve had a few reasons to use it this week because I’ve been doing interviews at work and recording in the primary school.
I was playing around with it earlier and my nephew was very interested in the microphone and what it did. While he coloured in his colouring book we talked and pretended to interview each other. Here’s what our conversation about dogs went like. He really is a clever little man for his age and always makes me laugh. He has a great imagination too!
here he is


2 thoughts on “Talking about dogs

  1. Lol!!!!! "What colour is OJ?" He's a guidedog!!!!!!! Awwwww too cute.He has some pritty good speech for a 2 year old!!!! Plus, he has a really good imagination. I am amazed that he is so aware of what a guidedog is!!!!Take care, xxx.

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