Happy fourth birthday OJ

He’s relaxing now after a busy couple of days.
On thursday during lunchtime I left him to a groomer for his first professional groom. This particular groomer in Letterkenny grooms guide dogs half price, so it seemed like it was well worth the 20 quid to have him washed and dried in an hour and a half, especially since we were going visiting after work. Apart from his toenails being a bit long (though i’m surprised with the amount of walking he does) it went well.

A friend from college teaches in Belfast so we stayed with her, had a lovely dinner and went for hot chocolate before bed. She was a bit unsure about how to look after OJ because she hasn’t had a dog before, but when she realised she didn’t have to worry or fuss, she was brilliant.

Next morning we went to her school which is in a quiet village. Her P2 class were very well-mannered and mature for their age. They asked very interesting questions and I think they learned a lot. We had a very busy day because there were two students in on work placement, so we worked with them and went to a science fair. I got a chance to play with play doh and I’ll admit that I probably enjoyed it more than the children! They were learning about vegitables and were asked to make ones from the doh, but most of them made birthday cakes for O.J instead. So cute! I read with some of them and showed them some braille. As the day went on they became less shy and we had some interesting discussions about what its like to be blind. O.J was the star of the show as usual and went home with some nice hand-made birthday cards.
The staff were very friendly, and when I explained that they couldn’t feed O.J and the reasons why during the buffet lunch (that they have during feed your face Friday), they didn’t offer him food.

After school we went to Co. Tyrone to my friend’s parents house. They are two of the nicest people you could meet and again they were fantastic with O.J. They took us for a lovely dinner and we listened to lots of great music before bed. I had time for a lovely walk after breakfast and before we got the bus back to Derry today. The bus driver didn’t realise that there was a dog on the bus until we were getting off.

We are doing the church gate collection for guide dogs this weekend. It doesn’t seem like a year since the
last one
We did two masses this evening and I have to go to three tomorrow with O.J. Then I have the horrible job of counting the money.

Currently listening to: nothing at the minute but I’ve had ‘the candy man’ from Charlie and the chocolate factory stuck in my head since 8 yesterday morning, thanks to Chris Evans who plays it every Friday. Tune!!


7 thoughts on “Happy fourth birthday OJ

  1. You sound like you were a busy bee!!!!Happy birthday OJ!!!!!!!!!Hard to believe that it is collecting time again. It'll soon be your three year aniversery of you being a team!!!Take care, xxxx

  2. Thanks everyone.Time just flies and I can't believe he's four already either. He hasn't lost his playfulness at all. This dog is nuts!Terri do you not blog anymore or is your blog somewhere else? Hows Uma?

  3. Hi Jenny, Aww thats great he's still very playful, Uma's exactly the same i dont see her calming down anytime soon. Some times she has too much energy for me!Uma's fine, were off to the vets tomorrow for her 6 monthly visit. She had her glands emptied last month but they are still very swollen and she keeps licking herself so hopefully i can get that sorted out too.No i became lazy after i got Uma and didnt really have much to write or time to write anymore. I still read your blog as i like to know what you and OJ are up to.I hope you are enjoying your new job.

  4. Glad Uma is doing well. Don't talk to me about anal glands haha! Keep in touch anyway I miss some people from the forum.Encase anyones interested, the collection at the weekend raised an impressive 1,940 euros!

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