awards, music and the criminal court!

I had a great 24 hours in Dublin. I went down for the choice music prize awards that I won tickets for in January. I’d surprisingly never been to Vicar Street before, even though almost every band I love has performed there. Its easy to see why it is an award-winning venue, and Christy Moore and the frames’ second home! The sound was absolutely perfect, apart from the talkers, which wasn’t the venues fault. I’ve written so much about the awards online already, so i’ll keep it short. Alison Curtis was a great MC, it was well run and didn’t drag on forever, and we were entertained by videos like
before the gig, as well as performers talking about their albums before they performed live. The eight bands/artists were all very good (two couldn’t play.) The gig should be online on today fm next week if your interested in hearing it. Some of the performances were quite entertaining, and Glen and co played with Javier Mas, Leonard Cohen’s guitarist during their second song.

Galway songwriter Adrian Crowley won the award for his album ‘season of the sparks’ and he was genuinely very greatful. He’s someone I didn’t know much about, but during his performance I knew I liked him and have heard the album since and its very mellow but very good. The award could have gone to any of the ten acts really. See Adrian getting his award from Jim Carroll

I was woken up a lot by the noisy people in our hostel, but it was grand and in a handy place near Temple Bar. Next day I had time to walk around and relax in Dublin, which is something I don’t usually get to do. We went to Tower records where I bought Adrian Crowley’s album and then to road records, which i’ve wanted to go to for years. Great shop and lovely friendly staff, who probably thought my strategy for buying albums when I couldn’t remember what I wanted was mad!

My friend had to get the bus at 1, and I was travelling home on a later bus with a friend who was going home anyway. She works in the criminal court, so I got a taxi there to meet her. I had to convince the taxi driver that I didn’t do anything wrong! He tried to leave me off at a crossing near the entrance, and when I told him I was blind he was very embarrassed and was very helpful. Going through security is like it is at airports. Its a very strange place to be in. After lunch my friend gave me a quick tour of the courtroom and I got to sit in the judge’s chair. Its all fun until you actually have to be there for real. It was strange sitting outside listening to music while she was working, seeing people coming out crying and thinking how people’s lives can change when they go into this place. Gave me the creeps to be honest, but interesting to see anyway, and it puts things in perspective.

I went to a few places for the first time in Dublin. I still haven’t managed to make it to Wheelans yet, but I will someday.


One thought on “awards, music and the criminal court!

  1. JenSounds like you had a great time in Dublin, though the Criminal Courts does sound a little offputting! Guess its no fun to be there if you are involved in any of the 'business' actually going on but great that you got to experience a 'behind the scenes' moment!Next time you will get to Whelans I'm sure!take careFiona

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