lots going on

Hey I got the computer again! I have lots to talk about too, and as usual these humans are confusing me so much, so here goes!

Last week Jen only had to work one day so we didn’t have to get the bus much. I got to go for dinner with all the family and there was cake and singing afterwards. I didn’t have a clue what that was all about and then I saw Jen taking stuff out of paper and people reading stuff from bits of cardboard, and I heard the dreaded word “birthday” and then I realised I should have remembered this. Ooops! Well this all happened the day before her birthday and then she went away to London without me, so she didn’t deserve a present anyway.

I had a great time with Jen’s dad when she was away. I went to the beach and lay beside the warm fire and I didn’t have to get my harness on once. He always drops more crumbs on the floor so I love it when I’m with him on my own. haha. Jen said I would have been ok at the lion king, but I would have hated the escalators and so many people in London. They would have had to get taxis or buses and the hotel room was too small for me. I think I saved them some money by not going! She said she wishes she had me in Harrods with her though. Her mum used to work there so they went to have a look, and I think when Jen saw pet kingdom she nearly died. Thankfully she didn’t. She said it was nearly as entertaining as the lion king!

People keep asking Jen if she is bored because she isn’t working as much as she was before, but I don’t think she has been this busy in ages. Just last week she was talking about going to a conference in Lithuania but then the people who told her she had a place told her she hadn’t. I think they just said that when they found out that I don’t have a passport yet and couldn’t go. There’s talk of her going to Dublin next week for some awards thing she won tickets for, but its too loud for me. Could I not stay with somebody who will pet me and play with me in Dublin when she’s there? I hear I might be going to Belfast on Friday so I’m excited. I love it there. Jen rang a couple of people today to see how much it would be to have me “professionally groomed.” Now what in the name of dog does that involve? It better not hurt. It better be nicer than the vet when he does that horrible thing that hurts. Ouch!

Before I go off to bed, I have to congratulate
on his nomination for the Irish blog awards. Well done for getting this far, and well deserved.

Woof woof OJ x


6 thoughts on “lots going on

  1. Katrin I haven't really stuck to it properly and I haven't got his muzzle yet. I've done a couple of things you've mentioned, like keeping grooming short and avoiding sensitive areas and using treats as rewards and he seems a bit better. I bathed him alone on Sunday and it went a lot better than last time. He whined rather than growled and I avoided touching his paws as much as possible. We'll keep working on it. Thanks for asking!Yeah Clive, OJ thinks he's overworked and underpaid!

  2. Hello Jen and OJ Pearce and Lena here hope you enjoyed the Lion King, Pet Kingdom guess what I took Pearce in Harrods it was mad but he loved it and I really enjoyed the experience of taking him in there, he didnt seem phased at all and I am sure OJ would have been in Pet Heaven, its certainly better than it used to be just really expensive.Hope your ok and glad you enjoyed your trip to London, I am also thinking of getting Pet Passport for Pearce to be able to take him abroad.I hope to get more into my blog shortly.Take care xx

  3. Well done OJ – think that was mean of Jenny to leave you behind, but i think she loves you really. Just whine and mope a little and she will feel guilty and spoil you a little!! I had one of those strange cake things with fire on it today as well. My little niece (4) said they couldn't put enough fires on it as it would burn the house down, and everyone laughed. Don't understand it at all….but it tasted nice. Hope you're paws aren't too cold. Give Jen a big lick from me. x

  4. belated happy birthday John. Hope it was a goodin!Lena the man serving us in Harrods was lovely and he talked a lot, so I'm sure if we took OJ we would have been stuck there for a long time. He asked me if I wanted to pet a puppy. Of course I said yes but when the man asked the vet he said that it just got an injection and was asleep. I would have believed him until he came over and had a look at us and then walked away. Somehow if we had have been famous it would have been a different story!

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