Dublin and London

I mentioned last week that I was going to Dublin to take part in
Lawler live
with Stuart. I had a lovely relaxing weekend and was looked after very well by himself and his girlfriend. O.J and her guide dog got on very well and ran around like mad things! They all tried their best to teach O.J to bark on command, but that seems to be a german shepherd thing.
The show was supposed to last two hours but we broadcast for three and a half.We had lots of great feedback and callers during it and it was great fun. There is an edited version on Stuart’s site, and you can also find a link to the whole show, if you have a lot of time to spare! Its worth it for the mixture of music and the random discussions, and the conversations make more sense.

Travelling there last weekend has made me want to travel more with O.J on my own. Its interesting when you don’t have a clue where you are going and have to depend on strangers. You have to try and not be shy, and you have some interesting conversations with people. Some members of the public are annoying but generally they were very friendly.

I’m going to London on thursday to see the ‘lion king’ musical. I’m not bringing O.J because I’m going with my mum and sister and will have plenty of help getting around. Also, he isn’t trained to go on escalators and hates shopping so it wouldn’t be fair. My dad can watch him for the two days we are away. The theatre are very helpful though, because they say on their website that they will watch guide dogs in the reception. This is a brilliant idea and I wish venues in Ireland would offer to do this. It would be very useful if your dog became uncomfortable with the noise during a performance, or if you simply wanted to go somewhere and couldn’t leave the dog on its own. Its crap that I don’t get to spend my birthday with my favourite big pup, but I’ve wanted to see the lion king for years so I’m really looking forward to it. There is no audio described performance that night unfortunately. I’m hoping we can get in early and I can get a touch tour and see what the costumes are like. That would be great.

Some other stuff:
I took my nephew and our Spanish students with me for my radio show today and they loved it. I thought they would be shy when they saw the microphone but they were great. That show will be broadcast next Sunday between 8 and 9 pm. Plug plug!
O.J had to have his anal glands done again (I know people were wondering how he got on since last time because its so exciting!!) The brans obviously helped a bit but I do forget to give it to him, a lot! He needs more exercise this week so we’re going walking tomorrow. He doesn’t know that yet!
Before I finish, check out
shave or dye campaign
for the Irish cancer society. It finishes on thursday. I was going to split a donation between a few of my favourite presenters but decided to donate it all to Alison Curtis because her show is finishing up on Thursday. My favourite radio show is no more. Not fair!

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3 thoughts on “Dublin and London

  1. Oh – I am so excited for you to get to go to Lion King – that's on my list of wishes! Agree – there are some places that our guides are content to missing out on (even if they don't realize it at the time). Your weekend sounds fabulous! Yes, there is something pretty adventurous to travel with you and your guide and interact with strangers. I do enjoy that adventure!

  2. Becky I'll let you know how it goes but i Know its going to be amazing!I think the more you think about going to a strange place, the more nervous you get, so sometimes the best thing is to just go and do it.

  3. Hello JenniferThe Lion King is fantastic I watched it and had a touch tour a long time ago now when I was 15 but it was a show to remember it was that good.Enjoy it and hope you like it shame you cant bring OJ because Theatres in England are usually guide dog friendly and I have taken Pearce to Panto's and Theatre shows and they have had no probs he comes in and lays down and goes to sleep but Charlotte doesnt take Paris because shes a bit more scared of loud noises and gets easily freaked.Enjoy! and Happy Birthday

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