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My first week (two day week) of work in my new job went well. OJ got a bit lost when we got off the bus the first day, but I think it was because he was so nosey and not concentrating. He seems happy in the new office, when he eventually stops looking around him and gets us there. The work is so easy you could do it with your eyes closed!
Working two days and doing my radio show another day means that I have to be organised during the week to get all the stuff I want done. I’m trying to walk O.J a lot more because he’s put on a tiny bit of weight. People don’t notice it, but I do. I can feel the slight difference through his harness because I put it on so many times every day.

Yesterday O.J and I went to the primary school to see Keri. I’ve mentioned her before. She’s blind and I’ve been meeting her since she started school. Its great to see her growing up and learning so much. She’s intelligent, funny, a hard worker and an excellent singer. I wish I had her confidence when I was eight years old. Not sure if I even have that much now haha. The school is doing brilliant work for her and I’m happy to help when I can.
Yesterday she told me that she is an author now, and showed us the story she wrote. I’m hoping to record her reading it soon, then add music to it and put it on cd for her. She told me she wants to be a vet when she is older, and she wants to drive a car. Then she thought about it and decided that she would probably be too blind to drive a car but that someone could drive her around. I love her logic!

Her teacher wanted me to come and talk to the class, and I was a bit surprised that they still had so many questions about guide dogs, even though they see O.J a few times a year. One child asked how O.J lets me know when we’re coming to steps. I explained how he stops at the top until I tell him to go forward and walk down them. When we’re going up steps he puts his paws on the first step and waits until he’s told to walk on. After the break I went back to the class because they still had more questions, and another child asked the steps question. The teacher said, where you not listening the first time? and another child said, “did you not see him doing it when you were walking back to the classroom?” They are very observant!

I’m looking for a name for my radio show. Its definitely being broadcast every Sunday evening between 8 and 9 on
Sometimes the online stream doesn’t work, and it always seems to go off during the weekend. I play a mixture of indi, rock, alternative and folk music, so the name can’t really be specific to one type. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
I have to pre-record the show because of the location of the studio and time that the show is broadcast. In an ideal world I’d have my own studio in my house. Anyway, the fact that its recorded means that I can’t interact with listeners during the show, and this would make it much easier to find things to talk about. If you want a request or dedication you can let me know and it will be put on the next show. When I talked to Alison Curtis from today fm on the phone a couple of months ago, I mentioned this, and she gave me some good tips on how I can use it to my advantage. She really has been a great inspiration in many ways.

I have two very busy weeks ahead, including a weekend in Dublin and one in London. I might have to go to Dublin earlier than planned on Friday, to bring our Spanish student to meet his parents, so I’m trying to organise things I can do in the afternoon. That should be interesting, but more about why I’m going there next week. I’ve went on far too long now!

ps. My almost three year old nephew wants to call his new baby brother or sister cakeface! That’s just a little bit strange, but makes me laugh every time he says it.


4 thoughts on “lots of stuff

  1. Wow — indeed lots of stuff. Congratulations on your new job – sounds amazing. Would love to hear you on your radio show … is there a way to listen to it?

  2. I replied to you earlier Becky. Why did it not post? Stupid computer!Anyway you can hear the show on http://www.icrfm.ieIts on at 8 pm Irish time so not sure what that is your time, 3 maybe? This weeks show wasn't great and sometimes the online link won't play. Technology at the station isn't always the best!Jen

  3. Ah glad to hear you're keeping busy. Is Kerry a child that you have to mentor then?Is your radio show the one you do on Innishown? Sorry wrong spelling lol.Take care, xoxo. So will you only be working 2 days a week from now on?

  4. Yeah I suppose I'm kinda like her mentor. Poor child!I'm working in this job two days a week but its only going to be until the beginning or middle of March. I'm not sure yet. I have to go proper job hunting. I'm won't complain if my job is never five days a week, but suppose if I really like it I wouldn't mind.Jen xx

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